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Getting the Right Wireless Home Theater System – High Quality Features At a High Quality Price!

If you are looking at having quality home entertainment, then you are looking to purchase a wireless home theater system whether you know it yet or not. Having a wireless home theater system allows you to be more versatile in your speaker placement, giving you better room coverage for an all encompassing experience. When it comes to a quality wireless home theater system that brings together affordability, consistency, and awesome sound, there really is just one system out there that is right for you.

Samsung HT-D6730W

The Samsung HT-D6730W wireless home theater system has everything you need for quality home entertainment. Ready for both 2D and 3D systems, this Samsung masterpiece delivers high quality sound at high quality affordability. With 7.1 Surround Sound, built in Wi-Fi, the ability to download applications, and Digital Living Network Alliance [DLNA] networking, this system will connect to your home network with ease and allow you to utilize all of your entertainment equipment at the touch of a button.

Built in Wi-Fi? Yes!

A wireless home theater system should be extremely versatile with today’s technology, and the Samsung HT-D6730W is just that. With built in Wi-Fi and access to thousands of widgets and applications, you can watch the newest releases on Blu-Ray and update your status on Facebook, upload pictures to Flickr, stream music with Pandora, microblog on Twitter, stream movies with the Blockbuster Movie Pass, or even watch videos on YouTube. In a sense, the Samsung HT-D6730W wireless home theater system is home theater, laptop, and iPod all wrapped up in one highly affordable package.

Multiple Ports For All Your Equipment

A wireless home theater system should be built to incorporate all of your existing home technologies and the Samsung HT-D6730W does that. With two HDMI, you can easily add just two HDTV options or with splitters connect up to 10 items that would be traditionally hooked into the system with A/V cables. Talk about eliminating your wire clutter!

Allshare Compatible

Today’s wireless home theater system should be able to connect to your home network easily, which the Samsung HT-D6730W does. With Allshare technology, this wireless home theater system connects to your home’s DLNA, allowing you to file share from your PC to your television set and run PC files, allowing you to play saved movies not on your PC, but on your wireless home theater system, and do it without any wires.

Advanced Audio Design

A great wireless home theater system should be able to incorporate the hot 3D home technologies of today, and the Samsung HT-D6730W accomplishes that with ease. WIth what they call 3D Audio Depth, this wireless home theater system lets you experience the depths of sound as you experience the depths of the 3D picture. Also equipped with Crystal Amplifier Plus technology, sounds are filtered to eliminate distortions, meaning you are left with only pure sound to experience.

It is clear that only one wireless home theater system combines today’s technologies, today’s need for affordability, and today’s need for flexibility – that system is the Samsung HT-D6730W.

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