Getting to Know More About Window 8.1 OS

windows 8.1

Microsoft has come up with new version of operating system due to requirement of better integration and management of the high power applications. This is 8.1 and has been designed for casual and also business professionals. Free upgrade to the Window8.1 OS can be availed by users of Window 8 from Windows App Store.

Features of Operating System of Windows 8.1

1. Booth to Desktop & Start Button

The start button and booth to the desktop features are new and user can right click on start button for making use of various options in it. He can have access to Control Manager, Search, Task Manager, Device Manager, CMD prompt and others through menu displayed on screen. If you are interested in buying a Windows 8 system, don’t forget to check out the latest Amazon India Coupons before you do so.

2. Innovative Snap View

One innovative and handy feature is Snap View. User could run one or two applications in Window8 side by side because of limited size of resolution screen. In Window 8.1, screen resolution has been increased to 2560 x 1440 pixels and thus four applications may be viewed at the same time.

3. New, Updated Default Applications

Applications such as Skype, Xbox Music and mail have since been improved. On seeing X – box feature it will be noticed that same has been redesigned to suit user’s choice concerning music. Choices include Radio, Collection and the Store. You can actually filter the songs by name of artist, album and title and sort it by the date, alpha, genre, and artist.

Photos can be edited by the user. He may apply Instagram filters, adjust the light, contrast the setting and do cropping too. You can drop or drag emails between folders through Mail Application. Whenever there is incoming call or instant message is coming up notification is displayed at top of lock screen by Skype application. User can now answer without logging into laptop or desktop. One can send files or images and Skype will snap to side window if link is opened through it. Do check out the latest flipkart coupons 2014 for buying a desktop or laptop having Windows 8.

windows 8.1
4. Bing Applications and the New Windows Explorer

Numbers of applications including Maps, Weather, Food & Drink, Travel, News, Sports, Health & Fitness, Finance and Sports have come up in Bing. User can monitor and add the portfolio holdings with Big Finance. Utility features are newly made Calculator application, Reader for PDF, XPS, Calendar, Sound Recorder, TIFF files and Scan.

5. Newly Designed Windows Store

In new Windows Store, the user will observe one main featured application which alters between a numbers of application choices. In “Picks for you”, when you roll or swipe to right displays big thumbnails for the Top paid and Top free sections and the Popular Now and New applications. Its best part is that you need not go through different categories but you may invoke your preferred choice of categories by swiping from bottom or top for revealing application bar.

For the better usage, remodeling of single application page has been done. Three panel views that consist of description of application on left can be viewed by user. If you are planning to purchase a Windows 8 system, do have a look at for latest offers and deals.