Getting Traffic from Back Links and Make Money at the Same Time

Getting lots of back links is essential to getting your article promoted and ranking in search engines. The trick is the back links that you receive must come from a domain outside of the one you are linking to. Getting these links back to your content is essential to getting the most out of each article. These are sites which can get traffic from back links to your articles and let you earn at the same time.

Other things that should be considered when building your back links to content is having these links from sites which are do follow and ranked with a high PR. Not only will you build your PR, but you can also earn from the back links you are creating for your content.

Back links are extremely important to all sorts of content, but especially to the affiliate marketing program. For an example, if you happen to be an Amazon affiliate building these back links can certainly help to increase sales and marketing of your merchandise. 

There are organic back links that will eventually come to your content. However, in the meantime a great deal of your resources should be spent on building back links to your articles and increasing your exposure as well as page rank for higher results in search engines. is a terrific site for sharing content. This particular site is a plus because back links are indexed extremely quickly. Many people that are using this source for back links have seen their page views with the site increase at a tremendous rate. Some writers have seen one or two of their articles viewed more than 300 times with two back links to does have AdSense sharing revenue opportunities, but they have also added Chitika to their rolls. This means two different resources for revenue sharing. Chitika can be used in connection with AdSense and for any writer that hasn’t enrolled in Chitika yet, don’t hesitate. It is a great source of revenue sharing and some writers have seen more return with Chitika than their AdSense depending on their content. boasts 100% AdSense sharing revenue through page views and referrals. However, the site is not free of charge to use. Please review their membership rules closely for restrictions. has an interface that some writers don’t enjoy. However, the site is very easy to navigate once you are on it. They have made some changes over the last year as a response to the interface that writers didn’t enjoy.

One of the things attractive about is they permit writers to have more than one way to add their content to the site. There are short articles, blurbs (xombablurbs) and bookmarks. Adding content to will build great back links to your articles.

Content is easy to add to the site and the community will read and share your information. Nearly all writers that spend the time to add their content to have admitted the time is well worth the page views they have earned.

Google AdSense is the revenue sharing available with Xomba and tracking is easy through Google Analytics.
I enjoy because the community is extremely active and adding your content to the site is effortless. has one of the easiest interfaces on the web today. There isn’t impression style program for any back links added. has their own computation for page views and earnings. After a minimum of $25 has been reached payment is sent out. There are contest to earn $25 at a random giveaway and all payments are made via their debit MasterCard. A number of new users are reporting earning up to $100 simply in random bonuses.

Not only does have written content earning opportunities, but they also have earnings for photos or images. If you have images to share definitely look into for earning extra revenue.


Out of all of these I enjoy Redgage more than others. It has the easy to use interface, the earnings are good and the community is great. Building back links is almost effortless and you can see your earnings in real time through their anayltical account. They promote written content and photos and images. 

These are several sites that are essential to sharing your content around the web and a way to build great back links to articles and content you have around the web. The small amount of time investing in adding your content or URLs to these sites is definitely worth it.

Every writer has different content, writing styles, writing content and subject matter so some sites will work out better than others based on these variables. A writer’s time is prescious so make the most of it by working with what works out best for an individual’s personal situation.