Getting Your Friends A Gift Of Best Friend Necklaces

Finding a gift for your best friend can sometimes be a quite difficult – there are the considerations of cost, availability and whether or not they will even like it! While many kid stress out about what to buy for their closest pal whenever a special occasion rolls around, a new trend of best friend jewelry giving is becoming more and more pronounced amongst the pre-teen demographic. It’s called best friend jewelry because it is meant to be shared between two close companions, something that is cleverly reflected in the jewelry itself. If you’ve ever seen a heart pendant that was split down the middle into two interlocking pieces, you already know what best friend jewelry looks like. It is mean to convey a message of companionship so meaningful that each person is literally half of their usual selves without their closest friend nearby.

Best friend necklaces are by far the most popular of all best friend jewelry types, most likely because their single pendant design offers many ways to split a design into two or more pieces. Popular pendant shapes include yin-yangs (which are some of the most symmetrical best friend pendants), basketballs and even peanut butter and jelly pieces of toast! These clever food based best friend necklaces feature one half of a piece of toast that is smeared with peanut butter and another that is covered in jelly. The symbolism is quite obvious, and may children enjoy saying a special phrase when giving one of these necklaces to their best pal. ‘You and I go together like peanut butter and jelly’ is one of the best phrases to say when giving your friend a special PB&J necklace.

If you or your child are looking for an inexpensive yet meaningful gift for a close friend, consider best friend necklaces and show them how much their friendship means to you.They are fun because of their interactive element: you can always join together the pendants on your individual best friend necklaces in order to make up a full piece of jewelry. They are touching and sweet because they symbolize friendship and how much the companion you give them to means to you and how much a part of your life they are. Best of all, they are versatile. If you have the extra money to spend and you want your gift to be elegant, you can opt to buy a professionally made piece of best friend jewelry. Alternatively, if you are short on cash you can give your pal some best friend necklaces or best friend bracelets that you made at home. Many people believe it is best to hand make your best friend gifts because they end up being more meaningful this way.