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Gift Cards No Activation Fees


Gift Cards No Activation Fees: Where Can You Get One?

One of the latest cards available today are gift cards no activation fees. A typical scenario today is complaints about hidden charges when using cards as a payment method. Furthermore, activation, maintenance and dormancy fees have become a consistent issue for most cardholders. However, there are still some companies where you can obtain gift cards that don’t imply additional fees. With that being said, where can you get these gift cards?

About gift cards

Gifts cards are like vouchers. It contains a certain amount of money that one can use for purchasing. However, these types of cards are not meant for personal use. As the name implies, it is meant to be given to a friend, family or colleague for them to utilize. As of today, it is one of the most popular gifts given and received by people around the world. This is actually very practical and convenient. You don’t have to stress yourself in finding the perfect gift for your loved ones. They could just use the card to purchase whatever they want. However, as convenient as it sounds, there are some drawbacks experienced. One of which is the additional fees. Aside from that, some individuals are unaware of its expiration date and mechanics which makes it useless. Nonetheless, with the right information and gift card, these problems can be easily resolved.

As of 2010, provisions were made to make gift cards more consumer-friendly. One revision made was about expiration dates. Today, retailers cannot imply expiration date unless 5 years of inactivity has occurred. This simply means that if you don’t deposit any amount or purchase anything within 5 years, your card would be invalidated. Furthermore, service charges should be disclosed to their consumers. Typically, they can only charge their consumers for annual, dormancy and inactivity fees if a year has passed. However, as mentioned earlier, there are only few gift cards no activation fees available. Some retailers advertise their cards as “no activation fees” but in reality they actually charge you with more or less $10.

Where can you avail gift cards with no activation fees?

Upon various researches, surveys and reviews, a list of gift card retailers that do not imply activation fees were established. There are only few reliable retailers available. But, these retailers have numerous branches all over the country. And with that, here are some highly recommended retailers you can opt for.

  • – They offer Visa gift cards at a minimal amount as a payment for the personalized card. Other than this fee, no other fees are charged.
  • Target gift cards – These cards are free of any additional charges except if you purchase it online where in shipping fee would be charged to you. Aside from that, this card is guaranteed free of any surcharges.
  • Wal-Mart gift cards – Same as target gift cards, shipping fee is charged if you purchased it online. But with numerous branches all over the country, you can simply purchase it at the nearest store available.


With gift cards, you can save a lot time in picking the right gift. Today, ever since new policies were made, gift cards became the perfect gift especially now that gift cards no activation fees are highly available.

Gift Cards No Activation Fees
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