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Gift Ideas For Expecting Mothers – Make Her Feel Special!

If you have run out of gift ideas for expecting mothers, this page may be the end of your troubles. I know, you don’t want to buy her the usual gifts for mothers-to-be: clothes, pregnancy products such as stretch mark oil or pregnancy music belt, or baby accessories. You’ve bought them before or you simply don’t think they are the best gifts for expectant mothers at this moment. You want something primarily for her because you want to make her feel special on her birthday, Mother’s Day or any other occasion.

Fortunately, finding a perfect present for a new mom can be easy and it can be done quickly – if you have enough gift ideas for expecting mothers on your list. We’ll keep this list of gift ideas short, but sweet!
Make her feel special and give her something that will make her smile every times she sees it! Consider the following gift ideas:

#1 Pregnant Woman Figurine in the Willow Tree Cherish Series – Remind Her To Smile

This pregnant woman figurine is a very popular gift for expecting mothers, especially if it is given by friends or family members other than spouse. Designed by Susan Lodi, 8.5′ high, made of resin, the figurine is already gift boxed! It’s a wonderful collectible, but it is also a great gift idea for those expectant mothers who aren’t really on collectibles and ‘dust collectors’ simply because the figurine is a beautiful way to give more than just an object – a sense of grace and the wonder of pregnancy. This item is labeled as a 100% 5-stars product at Amazon.com.

Reviews by satisfied customers:

Photo source: Amazon.com

‘I usually am not one that goes for figurines and ‘dust collectors’ but this one has captured my heart and has special meaning for me. It’s simple, elegant, and very thoughtful. It sits on my night stand beside my bed and it makes me smile every time I look at it. A wonderful gift for a first time mom.’ (M. Staudacher, Amazon customer)

‘I just received this figurine for Christmas. I didn’t know what to expect from the box, wasn’t familiar with this collection. As soon as I opened the box, I thought this was such a special gift. I started crying. It’s so special for anyone who’s expecting. Beautiful.’

Click the image to read more reviews.

#2 Jewellery Specifically For Mothers-To-Be – Tell Her She Is Protected

There are some beautiful pendants designed specifically for mothers and those who are going to become new moms; the theme of this item is Saint Gerard Majella, the patron of expectant mothers.
St. Gerard’s intercession is requested for children (and unborn children in particular), pregnancy, childbirth, mothers (and expectant mothers in particular), motherhood, falsely accused people, and good confessions. If your favorite expectant mom is religious, she will be deeply moved by this gift idea.

#3 Book For Expectant Mothers – Help Her Prepare For Motherhood

And not just any book. The most popular among books for expecting moms is the book with a catchy title: Chicken Soup for the Expectant Mother’s Soul. The book is different than other books in that it is written by expectant mothers, veteran moms and dads-to-be who described the physical, emotional and spiritual joys and challenges of being a mother through their own stories (link in the right-sidebar, if you’re interested to look inside the book).

#4 Home Study Course For Expectant Mothers – Help Her Relax and Feel Confident!

Home Study Course - Gift For Expectant Mothers

This is probably THE BEST GIFT for expecting mothers. Moms-to-be are usually afraid of child birth and although they try not to think about it, they should be more comfortable natural childbirth. Fortunately, there’s a great home study course for expectant mothers with a proven success rate and it can involve the father, too.

The item consists of 12 hypnosis tracks which are easy to learn, practice and use during labor. According to reviews (great majority labeled the item with 5 starts), this is the best present for expecting mothers; after doing this home study course to free themselves from pain at childbirth, they all said: ‘What a difference!’

Photo source: Amazon.com

If you are the husband purchasing this item as a gift for your expecting wife, don’t forget to tell her that you could go through the course together (it’s a home study course, so you don’t have to worry about your schedule overload) – nothing will make her happier!

Reviews by satisfied customers:

‘My husband loved the fact that even though his schedule didn’t allow him to be very involved in my preparation for the birth, he was able to quickly learn very effective and simple ways to play a huge role in my comfort during our natural birth. During the birth, my caregivers were amazed by how calm, happy and interactive I was. They nearly sent me home because I was ‘too happy to really be in labor.’ (S. McClutches, Amazon customer)

‘Many of my friends looked at me like I had a third eye when I told them I was using hypnosis for a pain-free birth. I promise, it is nothing like stage hypnosis! This is the most relaxing, normal thing you could do to prepare for birth. Just spend about 45 minutes a day for the six weeks leading up to your baby’s birth listening to a CD and practicing some very easy hypnosis skills. I did this when I laid down to sleep at night… EASY! A great side benefit was I had some of the best pregnant sleep ever (if you have pregnancy insomnia, you know how horrible it can be).’ (Emily fonts, Amazon customer)

Click the image above to read more reviews and find out additional information about this gift item.

#5: Celebrate the Wonder of Life – Give Her Your Blessings and Prayers

I was surprised to find so many books and booklets containing prayers for expectant moms on the market, and all of them labeled as 5-stars products! If your favorite expectant mom is religious, this may be another personalized gift idea to make her feel special, confident and deeply touched by your gesture.

Examples of prayers for expectant mothers:

Prayers For Expectant Mothers - Gift Items Prayer For Expecting Moms - Gift Ideas

  • Unborn Child – Photo source: ‘ Look inside’ feature, Amazon.com : Bless My Child: A Catholic Mother’s Prayer Book by Julie Cragon
  • Expecting – Photo source: ‘ Look inside’ feature, Amazon.com – Miracles of Motherhood: Prayers and Poems for a New Mother by June Cotner

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If you’d like to comment or share your own gift ideas for expecting mothers, let us know in the comment section below.

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