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Gift Ideas for Mother's Day…Celebrating the World's Toughest Job!

I was watching this viral video on YouTube the other day about the “World’s Toughest Job”, I am sure you saw it too. Towards the end of the clip the interviewer revealed that billions of people actually hold this position as Director of Operations…moms! It really made sense because who else would agree to not getting paid while attending to EVERY THING their child needs? I know you can relate to this scenario pretty well where mom is cleaning up after everyone during breakfast, lunch, and dinner; or prioritizing her errands for tomorrow and hope she pays the bills on time apart from not forgetting to pick you up after school; or makes sure everyone gets equal hugs and love so there’s no sibling rivalry in the making. That’s not even half of what moms do! It suddenly hit me…mother’s day is one week away!!!

I started to think what to give her this mother’s day aside from the usual phone call and greeting card. She loves it when I call just to check up on her; she loves it even more when she gets something in the mail! I looked around (online) and saw this awesome gift idea from Fannie May. I was actually drawn to their site because of the FREE SHIPPING offer. I’m sure you would not want to pass up on this deal, right?

My Idea…

I wanted to give it a little more twist instead of ordering and sending her chocolates. I wanted it to be more of a celebration where she can invite close friends over for chocolate. What I had in mind is a Chocolate Buffet in her honor. To get things started I need 3 important things to make this mother’s day the most unforgettable for her. I need a theme and choose which chocolates to use.

Having A Theme Is Essential!

I decided to go with an afternoon tea party theme where they only need a serving tray and tea. I’ll ask my cousin to help out since she’s living next to my parents. I imagine my mom’s coffee table set up with her favorite “pastel green” fabric with floral designs on it. I’ll also ask to have her silver serving dish served up with flower arrangements to boot. Of course her pink tea pot set must be in place. I recall she bought one when they went to Japan for a tour.

Assorted vs Straight Up Chocolate Varieties?

Now, here is where you come in with suggestions. I need to decide which of the two chocolates to send. I am torn between “Assorted Milk & Dark Chocolates in Platinum Wrap”, and “Full Dozen Decadent Chocolate Dipped Strawberries”.

  • Assorted Milk & Dark Chocolates in Platinum Wrap

This selection consists of milk and dark chocolates in buttercream, nougats, toffees, and more. Her guests will have different varieties to try and enjoy. I know her friends go absolutely crazy over nougat and toffee! Another reason why this is a winner, it comes with a Platinum Wrap. Click on the photo to enlarge.

  • Full Dozen Decadent Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

I have on the other hand strawberries coated in chocolate. This variant uses milk chocolate and white chocolate coating. Her friends love fresh fruit that’s why I know this will also be a hit with them! It comes in a nice red box but might not give the best color combination with a silver serving tray. Click on the photo to enlarge.

Bonus Idea!!!

In case any of the guests would want to take home some chocolates I’m asking my cousin to get mini paper cups from the candy store. Personalizing it as give aways is so much fun! It’s like having a birthday party. I can imagine my mom having a blast on mother’s day. All I ask is to see some photographs in return! I would not want to miss it for the whole world. I want this to be her most memorable mother’s day!

Fingers Crossed…I Hope This Works!

Whatever choice we come up with for the chocolates I know this will definitely be one for the books! I love my mother so much and I know this is hardly a show of appreciation for all the things she has done and given up for the family. Mother’s Day comes once a year and I thought this is one way of showing her she is loved and appreciated for having one of the toughest jobs…as a Mother!

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