Gift ideas for your loved ones

Christmas, Valentines, and birthdays! Three times a year I have to get creative and figure out what to do for my friends and family. This year I’m really struggling to get something together. Thus, I came up with a few creative ways to make your loved one feel special.

Make a home video

This tip is especially simple if you have a MacBook, which has iMovie, or any other video editor that will allow you to edit your own videos and burn them onto a DVD. For my friend’s 20th birthday I filmed a bunch of our coworkers and friends saying words of affirmations for her. I then compiled all these videos into iMovie, edited them the way I wanted, and then burned them onto a DVD for her. I also did a home video with my siblings for my parent’s 27th wedding anniversary. We acted out a parody of how we thought mom and dad met, filmed it, edited it, burned it onto a DVD and gave it as a gift. If you’re into home video editing and have the time, DVD gifts are a thoughtful way to make your loved one feel special.

Buy small useful gifts for each letter of their name

When my fiance’s, brother’s fiancé (sorry if that’s a little confusing) had her birthday last year, we bought her small mindful gifts for each letter of her name. Her name is Celine so for the C we bought her a cinema gift card, E we bought her a chocolate egg etc. In the end she found it a very thoughtful gift.

Photo gifts

Photo gifts are always an affordable and thoughtful way to express appreciation of your loved one. Finding a photo of a specific memory or of a person of significance will warm the heart of the other. I once had a mug made for my father with a picture of my nephew. I’ve also seen other gifts such as puzzles, cards, calendars, photo books, and phone covers. If you go to your local photo lab, you will see a variety of gifts that you can get personalized!

Blank CD with iTunes card

Last year for Christmas, my roommate gave me a blank CD that she labeled “Maria’s Mix CD” and then gave me a $15 iTunes card. I thought this was a sweet idea because it allowed me to pick the music I wanted, and gave me a CD to put it all on.

Filled out recipe cards

I heard this idea from my fiance’s mom. When her eldest son was moving away from home she wrote out all his favorite meals on recipe cards and then gave it to him as a gift.

Hopefully you may find one of these ideas useful for the holidays or any birthdays coming up! Good luck!