Gifts for Expectant Mothers – What To Buy To Make Her Happy?

Baby on board! So, it’s time for gifts for expectant mothers or new moms! The expectant mother has to take into consideration what to buy for herself and the baby before it is even born, but she doesn’t have to necessary buy everything herself. Many things will be given to her as gift items by friends and relatives which will make her feel special and make the important days to come much easier.

Her birthday, Mother’s Day or any other special occasion is a great opportunity to give your wife, girlfriend, daughter or friend royalty treatment. However, you have to know what she’s really going to need (or needs already), what would be nice to have, and what would be a complete waste of money.

As a gift giver, you can choose between baby-related products and pregnancy-related gifts for expectant mothers.

Baby-Related Gifts For Expectant Mothers

Baby clothes, delivery gowns for pregnant women, baby furniture and accessories such as a crib, play-yard, bassinet, baby car seat, stroller, etc, toys and other stuff are the usual gifts for expectant mothers.

  • Clothes

Baby clothes or delivery gowns – these are both important gifts for expectant mothers. If you are a friend or relative wondering what to buy for a mom-to-be then ask her what she needs to wear or what she’d like to have for her baby. Alternatively, you can find something nice you think would make her happy.

  • Baby furniture and accessories

The expectant mother will often have to buy these gift items herself, but if you are a family member you may want to help. There are a number of baby products available, but only some of them are essential. If price is a concern, you should think about purchasing these gifts online. For example, a crib would make a great gift for expectant mothers; the best choices are the traditional wooden crib or a portable crib, also called travel cribs or play-yards.

The accessories necessary for the crib are the mattress and a fitted sheet. Keep in mind that newborns need special cushions as the traditional blankets and sheets that cover a baby aren’t acceptable for newborn babies.

If your favorite mom-to-be already has a crib for her baby, a bassinet would make a great alternative for a gift. This small basket or crib for the baby is a great item for the first few months of baby’s life.

A baby car seat is one of the most important items that new mothers and fathers will need. It’s always wise to buy a new car seat for the baby rather than purchasing a second hand one. Another great item used in transport, when parent(s) are out of the car is a stroller – make sure it’s flat, especially if you think it would be used for a newborn. However, this gift item can wait until the baby is a little older. A baby carrier or a baby sling is also a great gift item.

Other useful gifts for expectant mothers and their babies are: diaper bag, change table, highchair, breat pump, baby bottles and extra bottle nipples, bottle washers, sterilizers and draining racks.

  • Toys

Newborns do not play with toys during the first weeks of life. They are a very popular gift so mom-to-be will probably receive lots of them. There is one toy that newborns love – a play-gym or play-mat.

Pregnancy-Related Gifts For Expectant Mothers

If you want to give your wife, girlfriend, daughter or friend a gift that suits her special needs during pregnancy, there are a few items you may want to consider: stretch mark oil, pregnancy books, workout DVDs for pregnant women, pregnancy clothes such as a nice delivery gown, maternity support belt, pregnancy pillow, and my favorite – pregnancy music belt.

In this article, you’ll find two reviews of the most popular gifts for expectant mothers :

• full body pregnancy pillow and
• pregnancy music belt.

Whatever you choose between these two gift items, you’ll make the expectant mother feel special because, when she unwraps her gift, she’ll know that you understand and think about her needs.

  • Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

An embraceable, cushy pillow for firm support will support the expectant mother’s back, prevents lower back pain and heartburn, tucks between her knees and cradles her tummy. Not only does it help with numerous pregnancy pitfalls but it is also perfect to support mother and child for nursing after the baby is born. It helps by elevating the baby to the proper height for breast feeding. Because the full body pregnancy pillow is multi-positional, the expectant mother will finally get a good night’s sleep instead of having to get used to different pillows!

  • Reviews by satisfied customers:

‘I’m currently expecting twins, and after a month of getting hardly any sleep, I unwrapped this gift on Xmas morning. Since then, every night has been one of GREAT SLEEP!’

‘UPDATE – I’ve been using this pillow now for 4 months to assist me in nursing the twins. I have a boppy pillow, but find that the snoogle works better for nursing!’ (kerryfan, Amazon customer)

‘You have to get a snoogle. It has been one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. I can get a good nights sleep again.’ (Amazon customer)

‘I bought this pillow for my pregnant wife for mother’s day. She had been complaining of not being comfortable in bed. This seemed to be the lowest price body pillow around, for the best quality. The wife seems to love it (No more complaining)…’ (stewey, Amazon customer)

Gifts For Expectant Mothers - Fully Body Pregnancy Pillow

One of the most popular gifts for expectant mothers – Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

* * * * *

  • Pregnancy Music Belt

Gifts For Expectant Mothers - Pregnancy Music BeltA pregnancy music belt is a great gift for expectant moms! However, you must be careful about which one you’ll choose; the Ritmo Smart-Sound technology won’t put the baby to risk, and even though babies develop hearing after the 5th month, why not giving the baby in-utero advantage even if there is no proof in-utero sound therapy works. There are almost a 1000 customers who purchased this gift item at Amazon and they reviewed it as a 5-starred product!

Other prenatal sound systems may be cheaper, but they seem to have different disadvantages such as keeping the belt in place with difficulty or sliding around and falling. One hour a day, the Ritmo is easy to use and comfortable. family members can also record bed time stories and play them for the child.

The expectant mother who works, walks their dog, does yoga, or simply relaxes is going to love her pregnancy music belts! It’s more expensive than the other belts, but it is also much better. Made of quality fabric, washable, lightweight, supportive and elasticized – this pregnancy music belt may be the perfect gift for your dearest mother-to-be!

  • Reviews by satisfied customers:

‘We just received our Ritmo, and we are so excited about it. The packaging is beautiful my wife loves how it feels when she wears it… I’m thrilled that we can enjoy our music with our baby, we love the beatles personal favorite fool on the hill, ringo is so under rated… . My wife also uses it when listening to meditation exercises from her doula and I am so glad that they (wife and the dude) can share that and relax together. Highly recommend this… it’s a life changer…’ (Ringo Star, Amazon customer)

‘I am absolutely thrilled that we ended up buying this product. At first, my husband was very hesitant to go ahead and purchase this, because the price scared him a bit. But I was insistent and he eventually agreed. And I am so happy with it. It is very comfortable, the stretchy material really is ‘breathable’ and fits around my growing belly. And the entire system of hooking up my iPod and listening along with baby has been so rewarding. She’s gotten pretty active when we started playing the music, so I can just tell that she’s reacting to the music! I would definitely recommend this product, especially if you’re a music lover like me. Don’t be scared by the price, it is a durable, well-built product that will last for multiple pregnancies, as well as post-partum life too!!’ (newmommyMD, Amazon customer)

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If you want to recommend other gifts for expectant mothers or you don’t know what to buy to make her happy, ask a question in the comment section below. If you know somebody who is still struggling with the right choice when it comes to giving gifts for mothers-to-be, email the link to this article to them or share it with your social networks.

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Special expectant mothers deserve special gifts.