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Girls hip tattoos

Hip tattoo design ideas

Girls’ tattoos are marked for elegance and subtlety. Since hip region is a sensuous one to attract attention girls love to have hip tattoos. Hip tattoos can be small that will only cover the bony area or they can be large in size that can extend to the fat or muscle portion around the bony part.The tattoos cause more pain because the needles hit the nerves where fat or muscle is not present. For women hip is considered to be the attractive area and that is why in spite of the pain they are bent on doing hip tattoos.

What is Hip Joint

Hip is situated between the top of the leg and the waist. Five bone areas meet to form the portion called ‘hip’. Hip joint is the outer portion of thigh bone or femur and is the longest and strongest bone to control the movement of the body.It is responsible for holding the total weight of the body.

Hip Tattoos for Girls

Girls may opt for plentiful of designs to merge into hip tattoos that look cool and fit into their own personality. Ranging from butterfly tattoos to tribal ones or angel design to animal image-anything can be suitable according to the overall appearance and presentation. A tattoo expert can better guide one to choose from a catalogue of one’s own choice of designs and make the final one.As the hip area is a bony one most of the girls choose small tattoos. But for the side areas that are extended to outer part of abdomen girls can go for huge images and designs.Among hip tattoos rose tattoos, star tattoos, dolphin tattoos, zodiac tattoos have amazing effect. Some masculine tattoos have also come with feminine touch like daggers,crossbones etc. Hawaiian flower tattoo has gained popularity among floral designs and has been printed on the hip areas with its traditional accuracy.

Various type of Hip Tattoo Designs

Though hip tattoos are covered and may be visible occasionally the tattoos demand works of bold colors and lines intermingled.The well-known and fashionable patterns that are on the top list may include:

Tattoo Lettering

Tattoo lettering means one can choose letters to be inscribed as tattoos on hip zones.These letters may compose a small poem or funny quote that may catch people’s attention or it may be an idiom with deeper message.Many girls draw their beloved’s name on hip in the form of a tattoo which is also very common.These letters can be customized on one’s own preference.

Flower Tattoos

flower hip tattoo design

Floral design has always been one of the feminine choices that has passed centuries. If one has to put a small tattoo on the hip joint flower design is the best one. It comes with variety and not only single flower but also a cluster of flowers makes a beautiful design. One may pick out a flower theme that best describes her personality and ask the tattoo designer to draw that one to suit the best.

Star Tattoos

Girls love star tattoos for their characteristic charm and beauty. They are known to be holding spiritual power and heavenliness that bring luck and fortune.They are thought to be celestial bodies that women get attracted to and want to wear through tattoos. Girls have certain fascination towards stars that blink at night and they feel proud to make star tattoos on any part of the body. They look simple yet classy.

Animal Tattoos

Animal tattoos are worn to represent savage beauty when printed on hip areas.Girls are now showing wild ferociousness through tiger or lion images which were once restricted to male tattoos.Sometimes women draw lizard or scorpion or spider tattoos too to show the darker selves of them reflected by the images.

Zodiac Tattoos

Zodiac tattoos are associated with astrological signs assigned to every individual.These signs are given on the basis of religious belief and planet movements. Zodiac tattoos therefore are depicted for the purpose of character reflection through sunshine represented by zodiac signs.So naturally girls will love to flaunt these tattoos printed on their hips.

Tribal Tattoos

Tribal hip tattoo

Tribal tattoos are famous for their symbolism and religious significance.With various images of tribal gods and goddesses like sun,air, fire with vibrant color combination tribal tattoos can make for ideal hip tattoo designs for girls.

Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly theme is another one which looks perfectly beautiful and feminine on the hip portion of the girls.

After going through the pain for getting the tattoo if one gets a beautiful and captivating hip tattoo it really seems to be the best reward for the pain. So one must go for inking a hip tattoo after much research and consultation.

Girls’ tattoo ideas:

Unique tattoos for women

Memorial tattoos

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