Give the Gift of Home Improvement

What do you buy for the people who have everything? Many people have trouble coming up with a perfect gift, especially for those who are wealthier or seem to have purchased for themselves anything you can think of that they might want. Well, this year why not give the gift of expertise instead of a sweater or bath set that will likely be tossed aside soon after the holiday?

Gift Certificates for Home Improvement

Projects like bathroom remodels and hot water heater installation often get put on hold by people who are unable to complete the projects themselves but don’t want to spend the money to have someone else do it. Many local companies allow you to purchase a gift certificate that is good for a certain project or a set amount of labor. The person who receives the certificate can give the company a call to set up an appointment at their convenience. Try attaching the gift certificate to a hammer with a ribbon or complementing it with a gift card to a local home improvement store.

Interior Design Services

Interior design services also make an excellent gift. You can purchase a consultation for a remodel or even an hour-long picture hanging session. Hanging pictures is something that most people can do, but they will likely appreciate getting ideas from an expert designer, as well as some steady hands that can hang pictures in a straight, balanced position. If you’re purchasing for an avid photographer, pair it with a framing service from a local art store. Or present the gift certificate by putting it in a nice frame that they can use for their own pictures.

Landscape Design Services

Another gift idea for a homeowner who has everything is a consultation with a landscape designer. These designers will come to their home and help them plan a beautifully landscaped yard that will work with the soil and sunlight conditions in their area. They will also consider the amount of care the yard will require so that the recipient doesn’t end up with a yard that is too difficult for them to care for (similar to receiving a puppy as a gift—sometimes a present can be more that you bargained for). Consider presenting the gift certificate in a flowerpot, complemented by a small shovel and garden gloves.

Cleaning Services

Almost anyone would love to have someone else come in and clean their home at least once per month. If they already have a cleaning person, you could contact the company and pay in advance for one of their cleanings. Most cleaning companies have gift certificates available for purchase in weekly or monthly cleaning amounts. Try attaching the certificate to a sponge with a ribbon or a new dishtowel.

Anyone can stop by the store and pick up a generic gift, but most people will remember the gift of home improvement long after most other gifts have been discarded. You may want to ask someone close to the recipient if you are not sure which home improvement gift would be most appreciated, so that you can choose more wisely.