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Give your carpet a new lease of life!

Under normal circumstances, people do not wear their clothes for a year or more without washing them. This would be extremely unhygienic. Carpets require cleaning so they are fresh and hygienic as well.

Carpets absolutely collect dirt, whether a household consists of a single person, or a partner, children, and, or, pets. Dirt and odours hide in the carpet fibres and mat. This has a direct effect on the life of a carpet. Not only is it part of the décor, but it also serves to help keep a room warm in the winter which cuts down on heating cost. Carpet is a costly investment in the home. So, it is important to take care of it to avoid the cost of replacing the carpet.

This dirt is certainly collected from shoes, and removing shoes before walking on a carpet will help reduce the amount of dirt, but that is not the only source. Household dust is made up of small particles of dirt, and pollution, but primarily discarded human skin and hair, and a carpet collects this just as much, if not more, than upholstered furniture.

Additionally, carpets absorb and then release odours. One prime source is tobacco smoke. Tobacco smoke becomes embedded in the fibre as well. This can damage the fibres, and create bad odours in the room.

Carpets are also great hiding places for small bugs. They like to burrow and hide in the fibres that seem like trees to them. These bugs eat the carpet fibre and when they die, their bodies decompose in the carpet fibres.

If the carpet becomes wet from spills, or from moisture in the air or tracked in from outside, mould, fungus and other allergens, grow in, and are embedded in carpets thick, dense fibres.
Bugs, mould, and fungus are all contributors to the bad odours in a home.

A vacuum cleaner certainly picks up what can be seen, and some of what cannot be seen. However, there is much more embedded in the fibres, and at the base of the carpet. Some people will use equipment other than just a vacuum cleaner to perform a deeper cleaning to their valuable carpets. However, the majority of home vacuum cleaners, steam and shampooing cleaners are not powerful enough to remove deep dirt and germs.

A professional carpet cleaner can give the carpets a new lease of life. Removing deeply embedded dirt, grim, odours, allergens and extend the life of the carpet.

To maintain the appearance, as well as the life of the carpet in a home, the highest quality carpet cleaning services are needed. Aqua-Dry Doherty sanitise and deodorise the carpets in the home to maintain the life and appearance of the carpet in the home keep them looking new for years to come.

The professional team of carpet cleaners will assess the carpet in the home room-by-room to determine whether the carpet has any specific problems, (such as stains, or odours), the method required, as well as determine the correct combination of products perform the job.
It is clear that simply vacuuming a carpet once a week, or even every day, is not enough to truly clean, deodorise, sanitise and keep a carpet hygienic.

The highly trained Aqua-Dry team will use their expertise to give your carpet a new lease of life!

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