Giving Christian Cross Jewelry

One of the early forms of Christian jewelry was the fish or the letters IXOYE. This form of Christian design is from the 1stinto the 2ndcentury when Christians were being persecuted for their beliefs and they began to wear the form of the fish or the letters IXOYE which is a Greek acronym for Jesus Christ, Son of God Savior as a non-verbal method of letting other Christians recognize other believers. Today Christian cross jewelry can be in many different forms including various forms of the cross. When you search the internet you can find many different forms of different Christian cross jewelry in ring form, pendant form or even as one of the charms on a faith based sterling charm bracelet.

Many Different Types And Forms

Some of the Christian cross jewelry serves as a stark reminder of the Christian faith and what those beliefs mean and what that faith is based on. This form of Christian cross jewelry may depict Jesus on the cross or simply barb wire curled around a portion of the cross. Some of the crosses may be very pretty or are formed with a modern design twist so the visual look of the cross may be elliptical or in other fluid forms and shapes. There are many different choices depending if you are looking for a ring, necklace or bracelet with a cross design on or engraved in the silver or gold surface.

When To Wear Christian Jewelry

Today unlike the middle ages a person’s faith is what they believe in and no one is persecuted for that belief, at least not in the US. Many celebrities proudly wear some form of Christian cross jewelry in the form of a simple sterling cross on a single sterling chain. Some wear multiple crosses of different materials and in different cross forms such as a stepped cross or a cross on a base of three steps. These three steps represent the mound of Calvary for hope, faith and love. This type of Christian cross jewelry is often worn in layers.

Proud To Be Christian

Christian cross jewelry is a form of decoration that many people choose to show they are proud to be a Christian. When wearing a form of Christian cross jewelry whether a ring, necklace, pendant, or even a brooch or perhaps a pair of lovely and symbolic earrings you a simply stating you have a belief.