Giving your Business a good Boost with Promotional Pens

With online marketing and digital marketing techniques taking over by leaps and bounds, traditional tactics have surely taken a back seat. Having said that, few of them are thoroughly effective regardless of which industry you belong from. Corporate promotional pens are one such technique that works fantastically to give your marketing campaign a good boost. The trick is to use the right balance of the contemporary forms of promotion coupled with the traditional ways to run your campaign successfully. Promotional pens are a wonderful form of corporate giveaways that you your brand embossed on it for hiked visibility. If you are in two minds as to whether or not to use corporate promotional pens, this post will help you to understand its importance, so give it a good read.

1. Reminding frequently:

While choosing corporate promotional gifts to give out, one needs to be quite careful about it. This is because these gifts are primarily aimed at hiking your brand visibility. Thus, choosing items that one uses on a day to day basis is rather important so that it stay in sight and hence in mind. This is a very basic reason corporate promotional pens are so popular among companies looking to improve their brand visibility and remind existing and potential clients about their services and products subtly. This way when they need a pen to write with, the brand will always show up.

2. An immediate connection:

A wonderful way to create an immediate connection with your customers is to give them a reward for being loyal. Now, who doesn’t like occasional gifts and when you reward your customers by giving them corporate promotional pens, it instantly builds a connection with them. Next time he/she wants to pick up something in your product category, they will definitely give your brand a thought. While picking corporate promotional pens, make sure you pick something that is of good quality and not just a cheap dupe. Nothing can be worse than a promotional gift that breaks in a bit. It’s a major turn-off. So make sure you pick something that lasts pretty long.

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3. Passing things round:

As far as pens are under consideration, they get passed around quite a lot and hence corporate promotional pens pretty much work like word of mouth advertising. When they get circulated, it leaves behind a lasting impression on one and all in the group. This way you get to reach out to an increasing number of people.

4. Motivating employees:

Besides building a sense of loyalty among customers, corporate promotional pens can be used to motivate employees as well by rewarding them for their input. You can have small awards weekly or monthly for hard working employees and present them these pens. You can either have their names engraved on the pens or just employee of the month written on it for something extra. These small gestures go a long way to building employee loyalty.

Where to get them from:

Now that you know the number of advantages corporate promotional pens have, its time you order some for your need. Getting them is rather easy if you are planning to look for it online. All you need to do is pick the variant that goes well with your brand, for instance, has similar colors, etc. Regardless of what pens you want, metal pens, plastic pens, recycled pens, marker pens, etc., you can get them with much ease with these online pen retailers. Jott Pens is one of the top retailers of pens online, where you can get custom made pens give out at corporate promotional gifts to your clients or employees. Besides pens, you can also pick other accessories like paper, pencils notepads, etc. to be given as a gift basket. These items are really handy and are wonderful corporate promotional gifts.