Gizmo and Gadget Article Directory

In this article I wanted to talk about a great website where you can read existing articles about the latest advances in technology in terms of Gizmos and Gadgets, there are categories for Desktop computers, Laptops computers, Mobile phones and other peripherals. The great thing about this review site is that you can submit your own reviews to counter-balance other people’s experiences, for example if you have found a specific flaw in the design of the gadget.

It is a very exciting Gadget article directory because it not only reviews great products for industry but also cool stuff that people may just want as a novelty such as the FX Starwars lightsaber.

Recently there have been posts about the latest gadgets that haven’t even been revealed yet, these include the iPhone 5 and Internet Radio players for your vehicle. What I liked about the iPhone 5 possible features article was that it included cool illustrations of the possible iPhone concept design, although we know that it is unlikely to include these functions and appearance it is nice to wonder what Apple might throw in there to surprise us.

New Gadgets are likely to mean that people will want to hear reviews and opinions before they buy them, Gizmospot is currently considering adding a rating system so that you can give a 1-5 star score to each gizmo and then discuss with other members in the forum about your agreements and disagreements.

There will also be a section for the best gadgets, these are the ones that receive the most votes, they will appear on the front page but this doesn’t mean people should write only about these cool gadgets because quality of writing will also factor in who gets featured. You can back link only twice in an article post and should use a recipricol link somewhere on your own sites homepage.