Glass Drink Dispensers – The Perfect Way to Serve

Glass drink dispensers always look great on a picnic table or in a dining setting. Adding liquids that have great color–lemonade, fruit juices and tea–add that extra visual zing to entertaining!

Beverage jars can be stored out in the open—who wouldn’t want to see that great reflective quality all the time–or tucked away. Beverage dispensers with spigots provide some utility a glass pitcher doesn’t.

A few features are necessary to really make a glass dispenser worth the purchase. Always buy one with a lid–don’t know about you but insects, leaves, a kid’s small toy are things I wouldn’t want to find in my drink. The other feature you may want, but don’t necessarily need, is a stand that lifts the glass off the table so a cup fits under the spigot. If you find one you love and it doesn’t have a stand, placing the container close to the edge of the table works just as well.

Vintage Glass Drink Dispenser, Green

Tag glass beverage dispenser, vintage green glassMade by well-known and loved manufacturer Tag, this is a glass drink dispenser with the perfect summer cottage feel.

The vintage green bubble glass jar is hand-blown for added charm and authenticity. A rubber gasket keeps the lid in place and tightly sealed. Easy hand washing/cleaning.

It’s not an overly large dispenser at 10.25 inches high by 7 inches in diameter–probably about a 1 gallon capacity. Use this for short-term topping off or refills after initial serving of drinks.

Lovely shabby chic feel and a perfect outdoor picnic or summer meal addition. Reviewers claim the spigot will leak, eventually, but that seems to be a problem with any glass jar/spigot setup.

Godinger Westbury 3 gal. Glass Beverage Dispenser

Godinger glass drink dispenser, glass water jarA larger glass dispenser that holds 3 gallons of liquid, this manufacturer claims a no-drip easy pull pour spout for dispensing favorite drinks. This one measures about 20 inches in height and almost 9 inches in diameter.

Its round shape fits into any party decor or event setting. This beverage server is large enough for initial serving depending on your group size. Perfect indoors or out—always place glass dispensers over softer ground, just in case they get knocked over!

Reviewers suggest not using fruit in the dispenser—pulp gets caught and trapped in the spigot making pouring difficult and requiring extra cleaning effort to get the spigot clean.

2.5 Gallon Roxborough Beverage Jar

Roxborough Beverage Jar, glass drink dispenser

Made by Shannon, this 2.5 gallon crystal beverage holder has a chrome-plated lid and base and a glass container. Lid and base are designed to be tarnish resistant, according to the product specs.

Use this one only for cold drinks, not hot beverages. Perfect design for a dressy or casual event.

Reviewers say the spigot on this container does not leak, however, getting the contents out of the bottom of the jar may require tilting it.

Thumbnail photo courtesy of Bubbels. All other photos courtesy of Amazon.

Still looking for great glass drink dispenser?

There are a lot nice shapes and styles available. Look for one that is easy to wash—most require hand washing so don’t place them in the dishwasher.

Also, leaking spigots seem to be a universal problem. A bead of food safe sealant should do the trick or a new rubber replacement gasket. These containers are meant for occasional use and not as an everyday tool–look for a ceramic dispenser for daily dispensing. Want to see more of the Best Glass Beverage Jars and Dispensers on Amazon?