Glass Pool Fencing: A Stylish Way to Safeguard Your Swimming Pool

For the majority of swimming pool owners, fencing is nothing short of an absolute necessity, but now people doesn’t have to settle for something that has been done before. Instead, they can opt for a truly unique glass pool fence, a state-of-the-art solution that will not only make their poolside safer, but also considerably enhance its visual appeal. Here is what you should know about this latest fad in the architectural design for pool enclosures.

These aggressively modern and sleek features are made of tempered glass panels, which are extremely durable, tough, as well as impact resistant. The panels are commonly attached from the bottom by high-strength stainless steel clamps that can be either core drilled or base mounted. The toughened glass panels fit into strong, corrosion-resistant stainless steel spigots. The spigots can be bolted in-ground via holes that are later filled with concrete or installed above ground with the use of a base plate.

This sophisticated and elegant free-standing system represents a contemporary and posh alternative to aluminum and wood fencing. What’s more, it can easily be customized according to local safety regulations, while different glass lengths can match practically any design requirement. Adding a matching gate, attached using quality stainless steel hinges with a friction mounted latch set, will complete your glass pool fence.

With no vertical posts between glass panels, frameless and semi-frameless glass pool fencing provide an almost invisible look, whereas a rather unobtrusive design and construction of these features invites natural light and keep the noise and wind out. With lines that are barely visible, glass pool fencing makes for a classy way to maximize the view of your poolside and the entire landscape and create a sense of space while providing a safe, secure environment.

And in case you like the appearance of glass pool fencing but are under impression that you still want something a bit more, than coloured glass is definitely what are you looking for, as it can really blend in with the rest of your surroundings provided that you choose the right tone. If you have green nuances throughout your space, for instance, you can this feature in to your pool by using either a light or dark green glass.

Coloured glass used for pool fencing, also referred to as toned glass, is created by adding metal oxides to glass mixtures, thus producing different colours. The intensity of the colour will be determined by the quantity of added oxides. Coloured glass is most commonly available in different shades of grey, green, bronze, and blue. This special type of glass is also formed into panels, which are installed in the same way as the standard glass pool fence, via special posts or clamps.

The coloured solution can also help you define your pool area better. What this practically means is that you will still be able to look through your fence, having impression of a more open space, yet the colour will subtly mark the place where you and your family go to swim. It can also make the water in your pool more visually appealing (imagine deeper blue or brilliant green nuances). You can even obtain an extraordinary bronze effect in the water or create a soothing muted gray when you look through your glass fence. This handy online tool can help you choose the right colour for you fence.