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Glazing to Save on Heat and Electric Bill

Like clockwork, the seasons wreak havoc on heat and electric bills. When the weather turns cold, the air damp and chilly, the urge to crank up the heating becomes almost undeniable. Draughts and cold spots can make daily home life uncomfortable and poorly insulated homes can cause utilities bills to sky rocket. It’s an unfortunate cycle every year, but with proper energy efficient home adjustments, such as glazing, the bill can be reduced greatly.

What is glazing?

Glazing is the process of installing windows into a building; the work is done by a professional glazier. There are many types of glazing used in architectural application, such as clear, tempered, laminated, coated, single, double, or triple paned glass. Glazing can be attached to the surface of a window sash or door stile, which can be made of multiple different mediums; wood, aluminum, or pvc. The glass is installed in the most efficient way determined by the glazier.

An example of energy efficient glazing can be when a double-glazed window is installed. The two sheets of glass have a gap that acts as insulating barriers to keep heat in. They can be found in a variety of materials and styles, each that alters how well they are at keeping heat in and cold out. It is also key to choose the best glass for your upgrade, such as a low emissivity glass that is coated with a metal oxide that lets sunlight in and keeps it from seeping back out.

Ask your glazier about energy ratings, proper ventilation, conservation areas, and different methods of glazing.

Effects of inclement weather on heat and electric bills

There is a sudden cold snap. Wind chill drops below the average yearly temperature. The rain starts on a Tuesday and a week later, is still going strong. Inclement weather affects everyone and costs increase substantially more every year. Homes with those that can become ill in bad weather, children, elderly, immune system comprised persons, require a well heated home, which can ultimately be a financial burden. This strain can be lessened by having an energy efficient home.

How does glazing save money?

Both business and homeowners can save money by upgrading or installing energy efficient windows into their properties. New glazing means a smaller bill and carbon foot print, less heat loss through windows, fewer draughts and cold spots, reduction in condensation, as well as peace and quiet from the outside noise that is provided from insulated windows. The costs to install and the savings the new glazing would provide varies between units.

Installation of proper glazing or double glazing can save you money each year.

Finding a proper glazier or company that offers glazing services is key to a successful home improvement project. It is an investment that should not be taken lightly and A&E Glazing can guide you through the steps of an installation. Located on Halfway Street in Kent, these glaziers offer a variety of products and services; UPVC Windows, secondary glazing, and stained glass, among much more.

The negative effects of bouts of poor weather can make heating and electric bills a nightmare, putting unnecessary strain on finances and ultimately diminishing peace of mind. With the right home upgrades, and the proper company to do those much needed energy efficient adjustments, those unfortunate side effects can be a thing of the past. Changing the amount of money spent on utilities and reducing the average person’s carbon foot print has never been simpler.

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