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Global Gifting Connection Supports Legality Standard in Cash Gifting Activities

It is understandable that certain individuals may feel skeptical or become hesitant about involving themselves in an opportunity that they are neither familiar with or accustomed to. If an individual is expecting to achieve a certain level of success with a foreign opportunity, that person must learn to adapt and accept the fact that he or she will have to travel outside of their normal comfort zone, if acceptable results are to be attained. An important reason as to why certain individuals keep themselves from exploring new opportunities can be attributed to a person either being narrow-minded, unknowing, or possibly uneducated as to how certain systems actually work. Because of this lack of knowledge, a person may become utterly quick to cast off an opportunity as either being illegal or a scam, without giving oneself a fair chance to discover the true power and or potential behind a certain idea or system.

The term “cash gifting” has proven to be an intriguing topic of debate in determining how to categorize this type of financial activity. Many people that have never participated in this type of helpful community activity will immediately discount it from being an actual business, which is actually, absolutely correct. Cash gifting is “not” an actual business, and because of this, many people automatically inherit the thought that it is illegal, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Think about it this way, when you purchase a gift for a friend or a loved one, for a special occasion such as a birthday or Christmas, aren’t you spending money in order to acquire the gift so that you can give it to the individual that is ultimately going to receive it from you? The answer is “yes”. The same concept of traditional giving also applies to gifting networks as the individuals who are interested in participating will enter into the community on their own “free will”, without being forced or feeling compelled to do something that goes against that person’s beliefs.

To revisit what has already been paraphrased, cash gifting is “not” an actual business, and to support this factual claim, there is a nationwide tax law that outlines that the recipient of a cash gift that is in the sum of $13,000 or less from another, single person, is exempt from having to pay taxes on that amount. In fact, if a person receives multiple cash gifts from more than one person and each, individual amount that is given to the recipient is $13,000 or less, then the same rule applies in that the person receiving can consider that to be free, non-taxable money. In order for an operation to be considered a business, there must be a product or service provided by the merchant to its customer in exchange for payment by the customer. If a product or service is not provided in one’s offering along with the exchange of money to acquire a certain product or service, then the exchange of money alone can only be categorized as an activity, thus eliminating any type of pure business element.

The realm of cash gifting is being revolutionized by the emergence of the “Global Gifting connection” program. The community knows no bounds or limits as this opportunity is open to worldwide participants. I have been in line with this opportunity for two weeks and I am literally one step away from being the next individual to receive multiple gifts. The amount that I will be gifted will outweigh the amount that I gave in my gift to get started with, so you can imagine the level of excitement and anticipation that I am currently experiencing.

I have attached two links below if you are interested in learning more about this program. In addition, if you like the feel and the set up of the program and would like to either get signed up or would like to address any specific questions with me, please send me an e-mail to either oconnoralbert72@gmail.com or unitis@netzero.net. My name is Albert O’Connor and I will respond back to you within a timely manner. Thank you for taking the time to read my informational piece and here’s to everyone’s success that wants to get involved with this activity!!




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