Global Style Home Décor

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Dress your home for exotic style. Ethnic art, fabric and decorative objects are stylish elements in a modern exotic room scheme. You will find amazing modern choices that enhance an exotic style spin at Channel the romance, suspense and comforting dimensions of exotic decorating. Use animal prints for floor coverings in drapery and accent pillows. Blend warm color tones as elegant punches of character in an exotic space. Beautiful wood tones and durable upholstery pieces are exotic style expansions.

Exotic Decor Theme

An exotic decorative theme features art objects on display and ethnic motifs. There are neutral, bright or earthy colors and animal prints as a bold element. Layered textures are beautiful accents in a cozy exotic home interior. Create your global palette of exotic design with inspired ideas from:

  • Linen and wool fabrics
  • Ethnic ikat patterns
  • Zebra skin rugs
  • Soft cushions
  • Pottery
  • Colorful baskets

Go for a safari theme of lush plants, dramatic zebra, leopard, tiger and fabric prints. Express an exotic style through safari themed bedding, furniture, rugs and art. Be sure to compose a color scheme with nutmeg, ginger and earthen gold shades. Capture an ethnic decorative theme through natural materials, warm colors, unique accessories, fabric designs and global furniture. Make this nature and cultural-inspired theme a modern expression of personal taste.
Get a beautiful style edge with ceramic, stone, metal, wire or leather materials. Bamboo wall and floor coverings, dark burnished wood floors and natural fiber rugs are rich design accents in an ethnic decor.

Orange, chocolate, yellow, red, burnt umber, indigo, rust and ochre are soothing color tones that thrive in ethnic room spaces. Emphasize playfulness, sophistication and creativity in ethnic inspired room surroundings with:

  • Wood masks
  • Carved wood, metal or stone sculpture
  • Colorful pillows
  • Exotic flowers

Improve the look of style in your home with a decorative theme. An African-inspired decor is rich in ethnic artifacts that range from tribal masks, baskets, pottery and warm colors. Exotic patterns and designs express the spirit, culture and vibrant energy of Africa in your home decor. Refresh an ethnic interior with zigzag, circular and Kente cloth patterns. Set a stylish foundation with global furniture. A wood framed daybed, tropical rattan headboard, chest of drawers and tables add great global style. Watch your African, exotic or global style spring to life with a look inspired by nature, international fabric and a love of adventure. Global style decorating is fun and unexpected. Exotic decor based on an African, Arabian, Oriental, Moroccan, Indian or Asian design is vivid, lively and dramatic personal home decor.