Glow In The Dark Stickers

Glow in the dark starsGlow in the dark stickers are stickers – although that can be a bit of a misnomer, as they can vary in thickness – that absorb light and emit it more slowly, creating the glow that typifies them in a darkened room. Some stickers are indeed paper-thin, but others can be much thicker. The ‘stickiness’ may be built in with one entire side of the glow sticker being adhesive, which is usually the method with the thin, paper-like sticker, or alternatively come from an adhesive pad, which may be already attached or can be fixed on later, or possibly other means such as adhesive putty.

Glow in the dark starsHow Glow In The Dark Stickers Work

The technical term for how glow in the dark stickers work is phosphorescence. This is a specific type of photoluminescence. The stickers absorb light during the day, or when under another light source, although daylight is typically the best, then emit it out again when it becomes dark, so, in order for them to work, they need exposure to a source of light, natural or artificial, so that they can absorb the light they later re-emit.

What Shapes Can Be Bought

A selection of glow in the dark stickersGlow in the dark stars are the perennial favourite, but there are a lot more different shapes available. For example, there are Disney characters, Barbie, Hello Kitty, dinosaurs, animals, superheroes and planets, such as those in our Solar System, to name a few.

What Glow In The Dark Stickers Can Be Used For

A common usage of such stickers is in decoration, especially in children’s rooms. Stars are always a favourite here, as a representation of the night sky is ideally suited for a darkened room. Many sticker packs containing stars will also contain constellation maps, allowing the stars to actually mimic their layout in the night sky. Continuing in the same theme, you can also buy the planets of our Solar System.

You don’t have to copy the existing constellations with your glow stars of course. You could use fictional constellations, make up your own, or just stick the stars up in a pleasing pattern.

Glow in the dark stickers have uses other than for decoration. They can also be used to liven up books, scrapbooks and containers, assuming they are of type appropriate for using in such a manner. Wall stickers are usually quite thick, so cannot easily be used inside books. Glow stickers used inside a closed book will need exposing to a source of light before they will glow.

Not a sticker as such, but you can also buy glow in the dark light switch covers, making finding the switch easy in the dark, which can be reassuring to children.

How To Remove Glow In The Dark Stickers

Glow in the dark star and adhesive padIdeally, easy removal of the stickers needs to be considered when initially purchasing them. After they have already been stuck to a wall or ceiling is a bit too late. Even if they are planned to remain in place for several years, it is still possible to make a mistake when initially applying them so, if you do have to move them, you don’t want to be damaging the existing decoration on walls or ceilings.

Look for such terms as ‘easily removable’ in product descriptions before purchase. Adhesive putties can often be the least damaging means of attaching the stickers. If unsure from reading the description, contact the vendor directly to get clarification. If the vendor is unable to confirm that the stickers will be easy to remove at a later date, it will probably be a good idea to consider an alternative product.

If a mistake was made on purchase, and glow stickers with the wrong type of adhesive were purchased, removal can be much harder, and can also depend on what adhesive was originally used. Knowing the adhesive type may, unfortunately, be difficult at a later date if no note of it was originally made. Some of the methods may also cause damage to the surface you are trying to remove the glow in the dark items from.

Some suggested methods are: solvents such as nail polish remover or paint thinner, tea tree oil, pipe cleaner, WD-40, rubbing alcohol, baking soda (also known as bicarbonate of soda and sodium bicarbonate), vinegar or oily food items such as margarine or even cooking oil.

This is by no means a complete list, and in all cases you should first test the item being used on an inconspicuous area first in order to see if it will damage the surface.

Plan Your Project

If you are using glow in the dark stickers as a room decoration, it is helpful to plan out what you intend to do first, especially if you are doing something like creating constellations out of glow in the dark stars. Just fixing a handful of stickers up does not require much in the way of planning, but if instead you are creating something like an entire star map on the ceiling and walls a bit of forethought will go along way.

For the star map example, decide on the constellations, either real or imaginary, and make sure you have enough major stars to construct the constellations required – tiny stars could just be used as decoration in-between. If making real constellations, you could make them more realistic by using different sizes of glow in the dark stars to represent the different magnitudes of stars you are copying – bigger star stickers would be used to represent brighter stars.

By planning the job out beforehand, you can avoid problems such as running out of stars part way through, or having to move already affixed stickers – with the associated problems caused by then having to clean the adhesive from the room surface. A bit of time and effort can create a stunning effect.

Glow in the dark stickers have many uses and come in many designs, even if the most common use and design is stars to create constellations on a room’s ceiling or walls.