Glycemic Load Food List

When it comes to analyzing carbohydrates intake, it seems to be more convenient to use glycemic load food list instead of the usual glycemic index food list. A lot of people know that glycemic index measures the effect of carbohydrates on blood sugar level. The bigger the number, the faster and bigger the increase in blood sugar after eating that kind of carbohydrates. Unfortunately that index considers only the kind of carbohydrates in food, not the amount of it. It’s quite obvious that food with huge amount of carbs and medium glycemic index will rise blood sugar level higher than a small amount of high glycemic index carbs.

Glycemic load considers glycemic index, amount of carbs in certain type of food and usual serving size. This information should help you especially if you need (or want) to maintain low blood sugar (e.g. you suffer from diabetes). It’s also pretty obvious, that it’s recommended to base one’s diet on low and medium glycemic load foods.

Glycemic load food list

Low glycemic load foods
Food is classified as low GL when it has the GL rating between 0 and 10. Low glycemic load foods include most vegetables (besides potatoes and corn) especially those rich in dietary fiber. Most fruits like apples, grapefruits, grapes, oranges, peaches and pears also belong to this group. Beans like black beans, kidney beans, pinto beans, soy beans and lentils can also be classified as low GL foods. Most dairy foods (unflavored, unsweetened) are either low or medium GL.

Medium glycemic load foods
Medium glycemic load foods are those with GL score between 11 and 19. You can find here most kinds of bread (whole grain bread should be classified as low GL) and brown rice. Most kinds of breakfast cereals are also classified as medium GL, but take note that 30g is considered a typical serving size, which in my opinion is definitely too low. Bananas and unsweetened fruits juices also belong to the medium GL family.

High glycemic load foods
Foods with GL value of 20 and above are classified as high glycemic load foods. You can find here sweetened drinks, candies and most baked snacks. White rice, pasta and anything else containing lots of refined grains. French fries and potatoes (most types) are also high GL. Of course most kinds of sweets, cakes, and anything that is loaded with sugar to influence its flavor is also a high glycemic food.

It’s quite easy to classify most kinds of foods to the proper GL list. For example we all know, that vegetables consist mostly of water so they contain only a little amount of carbs – most of them is classified as low glycemic load food. It’s also obvious what sweetened drinks, cakes and other sweet goods are high GL foods. Of course, this list isn’t complete – there are tons of products, but after reading this article you should be able to classify most foods to the proper glycemic load food list yourself.