Go back in time and get hours of fun out of Sonic Classic Collectables, DS games

Sonic Classic Collectables for the DS

When I first started out playing computer games as a youngster, I had a Spectrum, a very old computer which it’s games came in the form of cassette tapes. When I started to get a little older things got a little better, in the form of the Sega Master System, from there, it just got better and better. But right from the days of the Master System up to todays amazing consoles, I can remember the game Sonic the Hedgehog being around. In fact back then, it was the best game around and all the range, it was the game everybody wanted to get, and was the game everybody was waiting for the next sequel to come out in stores.

Now I no there are the more modern Sonic games, for the more modern consoles, games like Sonic Riders Zero Gravity and Sonic generations but I miss the old styled games, where you had to collect rings for extra lives, and fight the evil Dr eggman at the end of each level, after defeated he usually rode off in his space ship, to prepare to fight another day. Well you can still play these older style Sonic games on your modern up to date DS, by buying Sonic Classic Collection. The games you will get when buying this collection, are Sonic the hedgehog 1,2 and 3, and Sonic and knuckles. The games you get are not original games of the Master System, but the original Mega Drive games, which was a much superior console out of the two. Dr Eggman other wise know as Dr Robotnik, is your arch enemy through out these games, the idea is to complete each level one at a time, collecting as many coins as you can along the way and fighting off Dr Robotnik when needs be.

I got hours upon hours of fun out of the original games when I was younger, and here kids and adults can still get fun out of these games today. There game play quality, has always been top class, everyone of these games is the type of game that once you start, you must finish. The fast bouncing Sonic is what really makes this game good, he is a great icon and a computer game legend, and it is from these fantastic original games that his legend comes from. Sonic’s bouncing and fast paced game will have you hooked the second you start playing. Whether you are looking for a present for your younger child or sibling, or you are looking for a blast from the past for yourself, look no further and buy Sonic Classic Collectables for the DS, it kept me entertained for months.

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