Go Buy Laptop Keyboard Keys & Save Money – Get Your Computer Repair Quickly and Affordably

Maybe you are a writer who just wears out his keys, or maybe you or clumsy and managed to drop your laptop to break a couple keys, or maybe it was just the dog going after the cat – whatever the reason, when you do a search to buy laptop keyboard keys, you are going to find that the ease of replacing the individual keys like you could on the older keyboards is simply gone. No – if you have a broken key and you need to buy laptop keyboard keys, you are going to have to replace the entire board.

Can You Buy Laptop Keyboard Keys That Are Generic?

You sure can’t. If you need to buy laptop keyboard keys, then not only are you replacing your entire keyboard on the laptop, but you also are forced to purchase a manufacturer specific product. That is because no two laptops are truly designed the same. Though a manufacturer may have several models of the same make that are compatible, that is about as generic as you are going to get. Unfortunately there is simply no getting around getting the exact manufacturer’s part for your computer.

Dell Replacements

A nice aspect of having a Dell laptop is that when you buy laptop keyboard keys in the replacement board, you get the step by step instructions needed in order to take care of the repair by yourself without having to take it to a repair shop. This means you can replace that keyboard for under $30 in some instances.

Acer Replacements

Though there are many folks who don’t necessarily like Acer as a laptop, when it comes to having to buy laptop keyboard keys on a replacement board, there is basically one standard laptop keyboard board for all of their computers. This means you don’t have to monkey around attempting to find the exact make and model for your laptop to make sure you order the exactly correct product. You can look up Acer, find the keyboard, order it – often for under $20, and get that sucker replaced in no time.

Compaq Replacements

If you own a Compaq computer, then you need to pay close attention to your make and model when you buy laptop keyboard keys on a replacement board. That’s because Compaq’s keyboards are designed for specific models and sometimes even individual makes. That means you have to purchase the exact keyboard for your exact laptop, otherwise it just won’t work. On the plus side, Compaq’s replacement parts are one of the cheapest available.

So don’t get intimidated by the fact that when you buy laptop keyboard keys to replace your broken ones that you have to replace the entire board – it’s an easy job, takes 30 minutes, and in no time you will have a freshly repaired laptop that is ready for more action!