Go Glamping this Summer

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Glamping is the Noughties version of Camping, so no need to dread those words when your partner asks ‘ Fancy starting camping love?’, because now it does not mean pitching in a damp and soggy field and urinating in to a hedgerow, whilst the cold air makes you think your body parts are about to fall off. Yes Glamping is much more expensive than camping, because you are experiencing the luxurious side to camping, hence where the word Glamping comes from, it means Glamorous camping.

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The issue with the world Glamping is the same issue as with the word Luxurious, as one persons luxury is another person’s idea of ‘slumming it’. There is no standard to Glamping, but as you imagine, where traditional camping were a tent that only had room for you to all just lie straight in your sleeping bags, and a pen knife and lighter may have been your accessories. The fact that we now have Electric hook up, kitchens, stoves, double thickness air beds, tent carpets and camping toilets, I think that we can consider most family camping as Glamping now, especially as some UK sites are now offering WiFi in with the cost of pitch price.

Most decent camping sites now also include a decent shower and toilet block that has lovely clean hot running showers and clean toilets, that are well maintained. If you get a really decent site, you will even have a great dish washing area with stainless steel sinks and hot water.

What you need to make your experience of Glamping successful

  • A large family tent with separate rooms for living, dining and sleeping area.
  • An electric hook up, which has a special end that plugs in to the sites electric point.
  • Air beds, preferably the double thickness airbeds. I especially enjoy my own, as it has a plug in the edge and it inflates and deflates by plugging it in to the Electric hook up.
  • A luxury tent carpet.
  • Kitchen units, and an electric stove.
  • lamps and electric halogen heaters
  • An electric cool box, to keep food fresh and cool.

There are many many more things that you can buy, but with the above, you will have a significantly more luxurious experience than an old fashioned style camping trip.

You may need a roof box, trailer or a very large car to transport all of your luxuries however, so be forewarned. Glamping is not about camping to save money, it is about the experience of camping but with out the harsh edge. This means that even families with young children can go Glamping, as indeed myself and my own little family did, as we went last summer and took my then 11 month old son. It all went splendidly.

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Go Glamping this Summer, Seekyt
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