Go Kits for Crime Scene Photography

A basic crime scene and evidence photography kit, also known as go kits for crime scene photography includes a wide array of instruments to make sure that the photo evidence collecting officer has all it takes to capture images that are relevant to the crime that is committed. The primary instrument is a camera. A normal lens for the camera would be a fifty millimeter lens for a thirty five millimeter camera. Also for the camera, a twenty eight millimeter or something similar would do for the same thirty five millimeter camera.

To capture the clearest images, other accessories like close up lenses are required. These lenses may be bellows, close up filters, macro lenses, one by one adapter and extension tubes. The photographer may require filters in different colors such as green, orange, red, yellow and blue. An electronic flash is also necessary in order to capture images during the night or in dark areas. A remote synchronizing code for the electronic flash usually complements the electronic flash because it is operated when the flash is not mounted onto the camera itself.

Other Items for the Go Kits for Crime Scene Photography

It is always advisable that the photographer is equipped with all material including extra flash batteries and camera so that if the original equipment breaks down, he or she has extra equipment on stand by that they can use. A locking cable release is also required. To mount the camera on, the tripod that is available should be firm and offer comfortable support.

The photographer should further make sure that they have either color or black and white print film for the camera. Color images show all details of the photograph clearly and present good evidence for the criminal case. Black and while pictures also offer a good aspect of the image and can more clearly highlight certain areas of a photograph that are not as clear on a color image as should be. To offer some confidence to the user or photographer, an owner’s manual for the flash and camera can be available. The manual is for reference in case the photographer in unable to use a part or parts of the equipment because cameras have become very technologically advanced.

Coupled with the manual, it is good for the photographer to equip him- or herself with a pen and paper to scribble notes and ideas on. The go kits for crime scene photography also come with scales, especially an ABFO Number 2 scale for injury photographs. A gray card is also incorporate din the kit to assist in capturing photos on accurate exposures. A flash light, index cards and felt pens are never left behind as some of the equipments in the go kit.

Other Kit Considerations

It is always advisable to consider carrying a tape measure, some levels a white handkerchief or other material for flash diffusion. In case of an immediate camera repair, some small repair tools are necessary. All these equipments in the go kits for crime scene photography may present a very heavy package to carry around but offer an easy way to get image evidence that is clear.