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Going on a Safari? – Here is what to Pack

If you are planning to go for Africa Tours, you should be able to pack the necessary clothing’s and equipment. There should be no guessing to what clothing to take on the tour and the equipment. The tour such as a Serengeti Safari is all about comfort rather than style. However, you can do both if you are well prepared.

In the next few minutes, we shall look at the clothing you need for different seasons, equipment and other vital things you need such as sunscreen and malaria preventive mediation and gears. After reading this article, you will have the necessary knowledge to make your safari a comfort and a style.

Weather on Safari

Although the African weather allows you to go for a tour at any time of the year, it can be sometimes harsh if you are not prepared. The seasons tend to follow a reliable pattern. You should be able to carry the right clothing for each season.

The seasons changes to from summer to winter during the period between March and May. The days are mile warm and the nights are cooler. Temperatures drop towards the evening. Long sleeved clothes are recommended for the evening
June and July mark the heart of winter. It is best time for game viewing. The days are warm while the nights and mornings are cold. A warm jacket and scarfs are advisable clothing.

Between the months of August and September, the season are changing from autumn to summer. The African planes are filled with dust. You may consider carrying goggles and eye drops.

The period between December and March, the temperature are their highest especially on the destinations on or near the equator. Short-sleeved shirts, shorts, and vest are the best clothes. Also, do not forget hats to protect you from the African sunshine.


You want to document the moments and make your life comfortable while cruising in the wilderness of Africa while chasing after elephants and jackals. You, therefore, need to bring with you the right equipment. Pack a high-definition camera to capture the monumental migration of wild beast. You should include lens and binoculars. Make sure you carry extra batteries for your electronics.


The African sun may be ruthless to your screen especially if you are no local. To protect your skin, carry sunscreens to your safari. The safari lodges may have the high SPF factor sunscreen for you, but is advisable to bring yours in case they do not have any.

Malaria preventive mediation and gears

This is a very important point to look into. Africa, though with wonderful sceneries, have deadly mosquitoes that will not shy away from fisting on you as they pass deadly plasmodium parasite that causes malaria. Consult your doctor for information on the best prophylaxis drugs and remember to carry mosquito repellents and nets.

I believe not you have enough information to plan for your Africa tours. Follow the tips here on what to pack. This way, you will ensure not only comfort but also style during the time you will be on a Serengeti Safari.

N.B:Image Source: encompassafrica[dot]com[dot]au [Copyright Received]

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