Going Out Of Business Furniture Sales – Store Bargains!

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You can find some real bargains at going out of business furniture sales. As more stores are closing, it gives you an opportunity to save even more money on home furnishings. You could easily save 75% or more on your purchase. There are some simple steps you can take to save more money on your sofa, recliner, or dining sets. You need to look beyond the clearance sections at most stores, and focus instead on going out of business furniture sales.

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The Art of Haggling:

When you buy a vehicle, you haggle on price, right? If you go to furniture stores that are going out of business to shop their sales, why not haggle? You can often get the stores to take a bigger discount by simply asking. Before you buy, ask for additional savings if you purchase a set, or a floor model. The consumer is actually the one that holds the cards at going out of business furniture sales, since the store will be closing up. Try it this way:

Ask to speak to floor manager. Point out whatever furnishings you care considering, whether it’s tables and chairs, couches, or TV stands. Point out any damage floor models may have. Add the dollar value up in your head and then subtract 30% for your offer. For example, if the total marked price is $1000, ask the floor manager to take $700. Be sure to lump the items together, so the dollar amounts sound higher. This can help you get bargains at going out of business furniture sales.

The Final Days:

When you see advertisements for furniture stores that are going out of business, you want to pay attention to how far along in the process the stores are. Many stores will advertise the savings for weeks on end. In the beginning, the discounts are generally quite small, often less than you would get at a normal sale. As store closing day approaches, however, the stores get more aggressive with the discounts and start to decrease prices on sofas, loveseats, recliners, or ottomans. While the selection is smaller, you will find greater discounts. Of course, when you shop the final days of going out of business furniture sales, certain items you wanted may be gone. If left, however, you will have lots of room to haggle with the store to find a bargain.

Avoid Extra Charges:

Shipping is often quite expensive, even the furniture stores have going out of business sales. These stores will sometimes try to make up some of their lost profits on add-ons, like shipping and delivery costs. To help combat this, so you can save some money on furnishings for your home, borrow a trailer or a pickup truck to avoid these types of expenses, which can quickly eat up the money you saved. Going out of business furniture sales will often have hidden fees that you may not consider until after you make your purchase.

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