Going to College as a Senior Citizen

So you have retired, now what? This is the time in life where you get to do all of those things that you have always wanted to right? All of those trips you never had time to take are just right around the corner. What about that garden or landscaping job that you haven’t got to dedicate as much time to until now. Your head is just swimming with all of the possibilities. Sometimes, even the most mundane of events sounds fantastic to you if you have just recently retired. You may find that you have more time on your hands than what you are use to enjoying, and you realize that even though your not as young as you once where, your not that old either. What about going back to school?

This is your time and you have finally arrived. The last thing on your mind right now is getting back into some long term debt, however, there is that one thing that you always wanted to take in college back when you where in your 20’s, but life seem to get into the way. Then again, what about that chinese cooking class that the local community college is giving this year, that sounds like fun too! Furthermore, you might be starting to realize that you have begun to miss some of those co-worker friends that are still at work right now, and your getting bored and lonely. It does’nt have to be this way. Why don’t you check with your local college or university and find out if you are eligible to take a class without having to pay tuition.

Many states have tuition waivers just for their senior citizens. Some states that do not offer tution waivers will sometimes offer deep discount toward tuition. Most state institutions offer some form of courses to promote involvement and higher learning for their senior citizens. Why not take advantage of this, you have most definitely earned it. Going back to school is a way to make new friends, learn interesting things, and be involved. Think about all the new things you could learn how to do, and all the new connections that you could make. This is your time, make it count.