Going to the Right Home Theater Store – Options Should Match Customer Service

When you’re in the market to purchase a new home theater system, it makes logical sense to many to avoid the specific home theater store and instead head toward the big box discount chain stores because there is perceived value in saving money with a similar system. However, just like each home theater system is not made alike, each home theater store is similarly not made alike. What if you could find similar prices, better products, and better customer service at a home theater store than a discount chain? Would you rather go there instead? And what home theater store traditionally has the best prices?

Your Local Ma & Pa Store

Invariably the best deals can always be found when you shop locally. Independent retailers that are not affiliated with any national chains still need to be competitive, so you can often find a great deal right down the street. These local businesses are often also willing to negotiate with you, so you can get better terms, a better price, or an extended warranty that you normally couldn’t get elsewhere. An added benefit of a purchase locally means your product is serviced locally – if something goes wrong, instead of waiting in a queue on a national hotline, you can call a local number or just walk into the store and ask a question. There is no doubt that the best home theater store for you is your local store.

There Are No Local Stores… What Then?

Unfortunately it is true – not every community has a home theater store or business. In this instance, finding a store that has ties to your community or region, provides an assortment of quality products at quality prices, and has knowledgeable customer service agents. Only one store meets those criteria consistently, and that store is Radio Shack. Radio Shack is like your local business meeting a national chain. Many franchises are owned locally, with many of their 4600 stores in small communities. Even if you are out of town but have a problem with a purchase, you can go into that local Radio Shack and know that you’re going to get excellent customer service and either a resolution to your problem or get on the fast track to resolving your problem.

No Local Stores, No Radio Shack… What’s Left?

If this is your situation, then getting to a good home theater store can be tough, especially since many of the national chains are so similar. After all, the national chains do not hire specialists who are knowledgeable in their area of sales nor do they offer any sense of individuality. However, one of these national chains stands above the rest because they do offer some training in the departments which their employees are assigned, meaning that they can offer you some assistance with your questions. Which store is that? Best Buy. In addition, Best Buy also offers in house repairs and technical assistance and can offer some better terms with good credit as well as extended warranties that are decent.

Ultimately the purpose of finding the right store is to find the right home theater system for you. When looking for the right home theater store for you, always check locally first, then check regionally, and if you must, hit the national discount chains.