Gold's Gym XR45 Vs XRS 30: Comparing the XR45 and XRS30

XRS 30 or XR 45 – Which is Best for You?

Here, we will compare two of Gold Gym’s popular home gym weight machines — XRS30 Vs XR45 — firstly highlighting their key aspects & features in a brief overview of them both, so you get a clear understanding as to what each can offer you and then this will be followed by a contrasting section pin-pointing & re-capping their significant differences. From this, you will be able to easily decide which is the right home gym for you.

Gold’s Gym XRS 30 Review

Despite this model being the more basic out of the two (and comes priced at just over $200), it is still more than capable of providing you with a complete & intensive whole body workout.

Specifically regarding the XRS 30 system, it works on a 112 lbs weight stack which works to a total of up to 280 lbs resistance.Hence, as you get progressively stronger, fitter and healthier you can keep making your workouts more and more intense. Moreover, the XRS 30 home gym comes with a specialized exercise chart designed by a leading personal trainer that specifies the exercises in accordance with each aspect of your body.

The entire frame is made from a high quality steel (being able to accommodate a max user weight of 300 lbs) hence is both incredibly durable and easy to clean. It is designed with a combination chest press & fly station (as you can see from the image above) that acts to specifically target your upper body (i.e arms, chest and shoulders etc.) as well as a ‘4 roll leg developer’ (working specifically your quads & hamstrings etc.). You can also see there are two high & low pulleys with a lat bar (for you to work your back etc.).

Note: when bought new it also comes with a 90 day warranty.

Rating: 70% (sourced | Dimensions: 63.63′ x 37.6′ x 78.6′

Gold’s Gym XR 45 Review

The XR45 is a more advanced & far more popular model than the XRS 30, being intended for the more serious gym goers (and is actually fairly cheap at just under $400). In essence, it basically allows you to do more and better.

This home gym offers 210 lbs of resistance on weight plates that are based on a rugged 81 lb weight stack, which although is less than the XRS 30 — it works through a cable-pulley system that extenuates the resistance to more difficulty.

Like the XRS 30 it has a chest station for press & flys working your pectoral muscles, a high pulley (with 15 designated exercises) and low pulley with attached ankle strap (with 40 specified exercises) as well as the 4 roll leg developer. Moreover, it comes with a roller preacher pad that acts to isolate your biceps to ensure proper form and comfort when committing to bicep curls. The XR45 is an all round quality home gym & is incredibly

Rating: 94% (sourced | Dimensions: 76′ x 65′ x 38′

What’s the Difference Between the XRS 30 and XR45?

As you can see there are quite a few differences between the two home gyms, mainly just in the amount of exercises you can do with both — where the XR45 is clearly the more versatile machine.

Which Home Gym Should You Buy the XRS 30 or XR45?

In terms of value for money, the XRS 30 is definitely the way to go. However, in terms of a longer term investment in your health and fitness, the XR 45 I believe is the option to go with in this regard. Which home gym will you buy the XRS 30 or XR45 & why (let me know in the comments)