Golf and Business

If the business world is rather unknown to you or you’re barely starting with your company, you wouldn’t believe how much golf really matters. The professional courtship has changed scene and moved to the golf course. The best of managers today ace in promoting partnerships or sealing the deal while also playing golf. Equip yourself with our pro tips to help yourself advance in this tough game. Take them into serious consideration in order to easily land your next contract or spread your network of affiliates.

Golf Basics

Don’t even get close the golf course if you haven’t informed yourself thoroughly on the main points of the game. Get acquainted with the rules, etiquette and get a little practice beforehand. This doesn’t just include internet browsing and intensive read-up. If around Sydney, go to nearest golf club and talk with experienced regulars for some piece of advice straight from the horse’s mouth.

Be punctual

Whatever you do, don’t arrive late. It makes a bad impression at the start and speaks about the respect you have for fellow players’ time and potential business associates as well. Another pointer – play fair. Cheating breeds further mistrust they may develop for your professional persona.


Showing up alone and unskilled may slightly frighten you. It turns out it’s brilliant strategy for bonding and trust-building with the players. When playing with the seasoned golfers, don’t whine about your poor skills every step of the way. Explain in advance you’re new to the course. Say you welcome any advice they can offer to help you boost the quality and speed of your game.

Getting started

Don’t jump to the work talk abruptly, as no one has come to mainly discuss business, but to have good time primarily. Begin with touching upon harmless and amusing topics that will relax the other party. Get them to open up a bit and trust you’re the man to team up with.

Game character

Who knew a wager is essential to the play with the golfing entrepreneurs. Still, going overboard is not the idea. Don’t use it as an excuse to turn it into a hard competition. Maintain a friendly demeanor and keep the sum low. Settle it right after the game. Also, remember to commend your companions’ good moves and shots.


Don’t resort to profanities or breaking clubs even if you’re really annoyed. Control your dissatisfaction and keep a gentlemanly behavior even outside the course. Be extra polite to everyone, especially in adverse situations. Display the strength of your composure when under pressure.


Make sure you bring your business cards to the premises and distribute them at the convenient moment. Propose another meeting or at least connect on LinkedIn. A set of golf balls with a company logo would be a wise and thoughtful gift.

Have in mind at all times that attitude you express when golfing would be an example of an outside-of-course behavior. Stay level-headed and make a clean slate for the upcoming cooperation.