Golf Carts for Sale in PA

Where to Find Cheap & Quality Golf Carts for Sale in PA?

Buying a golf cart can be useful to various businesses including of course golf courses, but also resorts hotels, retirement centers as well as for personal travel use & golfing. They are also handy for use in large areas like that of a university campus especially if there are a large number of visitors who stream into the campus. Those who are disabled may need a form of transportation like a golf cart which can take them from one point to another in a vast area. You will easily get a of golf carts for sale in PA, used as well as new.

Places To Buy Golf Carts in PA

Firstly check the online route, visit,, craigslist & other free classified ads that might have some being listed locally.

But, the best local site are GCS (golcartservices) based in New Oxford, PA (on York Road 4296) who have a huge range of gas an electric golf carts for sale also Jakes Golf Carts has an authorized dealer based in South McVeytown. Moreover, be sure to check out area31golfcarts, they have a range of used, new, refurbished golf carts being listed by their owners along with pagolfcarts & monekycarts — they have a very decent range of golf carts for sale too. These are the sites where you are going to be having the most luck online in finding a decent model.

• golfcartservices
• jakesgolfcarts
• area31golfcarts
• PAgolfcarts
• monkeycarts

Be sure to head to the local golfing range too to see if they have any golfers who are looking to sell their old golf cart or whether they know a good little dealer.

Hotels that are spread over a large area will certainly benefit from them as well. Functions such as weddings can have a large number of guests who may not like to walk long distances and would prefer to be transported. Transport would also be required for moving chairs and other items for functions that take place in different areas in a large hotel. Quite a few large hotels have their banqueting areas located away from the main building of the hotel. Beach properties will need carts to ferry guests to and from the beach.

Recreational parks also use golf carts for transporting people over their properties that are spread out over many miles. Children and elderly people may not be able to walk the long distances involved in a recreational facility. Retirement homes find the most use of golf carts since many senior citizens are either unable to walk for too long or may find it safer to be transported.

The biggest use of the golf cart is on courses where golfers need transport to take their kits and also to move around the course. They are available in various types and also can be customized to carry kit around the course. Things that golfers look for in carts are storage space, load carrying ability and portability. Also, they need to be powerful so that traversing undulating surfaces is not a problem.

Golf carts can also be seen on the roads at times since people use them to travel short distances. It is used by people to go to convenience stores in their neighborhood and the carts double up as carriers for shopping.

People are looking at saving gas costs especially when they traveling short distances. Many are also using golf carts for transportation as they care for the environment. Moreover they are easy to drive and most importantly, need less space for parking. However, driving them in large cities may not be suitable as the minimum speed limits in the cities may be more than the golf carts’ maximum speed.

There are various accessories that can be purchased as well. These may include hub caps, floor mats, and steering wheels , mirrors, and different kinds of upholstery for the seats. There are people who go in for customized paint jobs that they like for their carts. Customizing a cart can be making it look unique and stands out in a golf course while you play.

You may need to decide your budget before purchasing one since the range of golf carts extends from $100 to over $5000. You can get them online at sites such as Amazon and eBay and also get them in stores in PA (as listed above). There will be a lot of golf carts for sale in PA, and you will find them by looking in the classifieds or in the PA Craigslist.