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Golf Club Set Of Head Covers

Handmade interweaved Head covers for Golf Clubs

Playing the game of golf is one best way of excising your body system and a lot of people usually wear golf club set of head covers during the play. The interweave head covers will defend golfers from bangs and cuts and they are well known in the game of golf. These head covers are very conventional and defensive. Many golfers enjoy wearing it as one of the major source of protection during the period of play. There are so many types of head covers available in the market. The three generally acceptable ones are Kewl Tubes, Rocket Tour and Jan Craig.

Kewl Tubes

Kewl Tubes is another type of golf club set of head covers normally used by golfers during their play. These are very trendy with LPGA Tour and PGA Tour experts. The internet domain of Kewl Tubes have indicated that their head covers are rated the best among equals ranging from easy-on, easy-off, head covers by PGA and LPGA to proficient and golfers globally. Records have it that these Kewl Tubes head covers are available online and purchases could as well be made there. Golfers who prefer customized set off head covers are also advised to get them from the web at price rate ranging from $22 to $35 depending on the design and quality of the head covers.

Rocket Tour

Rocket Tour head cover is also a well known set usually worn by experts and beginners. This head covers are easily noticed due to the Rocket Tour logo boldly displayed on the invention. There are so many places or shops where golfers can buy the Rocket Tour golf club set of head covers and it comes in different colors and patterns. One of the Rocket Tour’s largely accepted version is the Skinny Stick which is intended for hybrid golf club with small head. These products can be procured online at the rate of $29 each.

Jan Craig

Jan Craig interweaved head covers have been described as one of the generally acceptable types of interweaved head covers on the PGA Tour. The origin of this interweaved head cover could be traced back in the year 1960 when Jan Craig could not see the collection she wanted at a neighborhood golf trade superstore. When the news have spread about her head covers that are of high quality s went round the city, Jack Nicklaus, a PGA Tour player decided to place order for a set. A lot of Jack Nicklaus fans admired his golf club set of head covers as they demanded to procure theirs from Jan Craig thereby making her business to enlarge. Several golfers now order their set of head covers from the Jan Craig website and they have opportunities of customizing them at an affordable price which ranges from $35 to $53 to suit their choice of head covers.

Finally, having read through this article, you will agree with me that golf club set of head covers are produced as safety measures for golfers. The regular usage of these head covers will definitely reduce the rate of injuries and ensure that the golfers are properly protected during their play.

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