Good and Effective Home Remedies for Hiccups

Different Useful Cures for Hiccups

How to Stop Hiccups

Humans are surprisingly attacked by hiccups especially after eating. It could be such a nuisance if it continuously persist. In addition, it could really be a distraction if it occurs during work hours. Just what is a hiccup and what causes them? Hiccups happen where there is an involuntary contraction of the diaphragm followed by the sudden closing of the epiglottis. There are several causes for hiccups. It could be from a bread that is not grinded well by the teeth, to drinking lots of soda and carbonated beverages. Sudden excitement and quick temperature change can also lead to hiccups. Moreover, spicy foods and eating too fast are known causes of hiccups.

There are simple and easy solutions on how to get quick hiccup cures even at home. The following are a few examples of effective and efficient solutions in getting hiccups cured.

Drink lots of Water

This is the most common and famous way of dealing with hiccups. Children are taught by their parents to just drink cups of water in succession and the hiccup will be gone.

Hold your breath for a short time.

Holding one’s breath for a few seconds can also get rid of hiccups. This is because carbon dioxide is stored in the lungs which causes the diaphragm to mildly relax.

Eat a spoon full of sugar

Yes, this one can also stop hiccups. One will be surprised that the hiccup will disappear in an instant. Just don’t overdo it if one doesn’t want to gain some weight.

Use a Paperbag

Using a paper bag to cover the nose and mouth and breathing through it could also stop hiccups. Carbon dioxide is being stored in the lungs which causes the hiccup to stop.

Closing the Ears

One can also try inserting the index fingers inside the ears for less than a minute. This sends relaxation signals to the diaphragm, thereby stopping the hiccup.

A quick suprise by a relative or friend

A sudden suprise by a relative on a person suffering from a hiccup can also make the sickness go away. He can scare him from behind or face to face.