A Guide to Good Miami Real Estate Investments

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Why Property on Miami Beach is costly- and continues to Appreciate

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Miami Beach is a separate city, sitting on Biscayne Bay facing the greater Miami area. Property markets in Miami Beach have been surging for a plethora of reasons. It has become a world- famous shopping and vacation destination as eager tourists of all nationalities flock to the “Magic City” every day. Miami Beach boasts a thriving nightlife with bars, clubs and restaurants open all through the day and night. It is also a very popular retirement destination for seniors from colder climes. The beauty of the open waterfront and boating activities is of course unforgettable. For all these reasons, the value of property in Miami Beach continues to move upward right since the end of the financial crisis of 2008.

Find the Right Real Miami Beach Estate Agent

Buyers, especially new comers, could be left amazed at the wide range of Miami Beach real estate. From residences to beachfront mansions, condominiums to exclusive shop fronts, Miami Beach is not short on variety. The right real estate agent in Miami Beach could help buyers navigate through the clutter and zoom in on the property that is just right. Real estate agents are licensed by Florida State after a stringent examination to carry out property transactions, representing buyers and sellers. The seller’s agent puts up the sale listing on the realty network and co-ordinates property visits. The buyer’s agent introduces interested clients to the various features of the property. In accordance with State law, the buyer’s agent is compensated by the seller of the property. Also, they are bound by a strict ethical code to respect their fiduciary responsibility to their clients.

Buyers can engage a reputed Miami Beach real estate agent by checking internet listings, local print and television advertisements, promotional brochures and recommendations from other satisfied buyers. After a one on one meeting, the real estate agent draws up a list of suitable properties that might be of interest to the client.

How to Select the Right Property

Buyers can select the property of their desire after visiting the property in person. A viewing helps the buyer to make up her mind about the features advertised and whether it matches her requirements. The buyer can also ask for a detailed appraisal of the property to find out any issues relating to structural damage, leakage or pest infestation. Buyers can also decide whether all the features of the property are truly worth the purchase price, as often these are just bells and whistles like security, remote garages and so on which need frequent maintenance and upgradation. The buyer and seller can proceed for a negotiation based on their impressions of the property and close the deal at a mutually acceptable price. The real estate agent helps with drawing up the necessary documents for transfer of ownership.

Have your Finances in Order

Buyers should get their loans ready and pre-approved even before they finalize a property. The loan approval process also helps them find out how much debt they can take on from a lender for a property purchase. Specialized property lenders have loans for real estate purchases customized for customer preferences. Real Estate agents have tie-ups with such lenders to offer competitive loans to their clients.

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A Guide to Good Miami Real Estate Investments, Seekyt
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