Good Quality Icey Tek Coolers Will Keep Food And Drink Fresh On A Hot Summer Day

There is nothing better than a cool drink on a hot summer’s day. When summer comes around every one wants to go out into the sunshine and enjoy it while it lasts. Sometimes the heat can be too much so it is advisable to keep plenty of liquids at hand. The cooler it is the better, but when one is out fishing or camping, access to cool liquids is not possible. This is when the Icey Tek coolers come in handy. They come in different sizes and depending on how much you would want to carry and the number of days you are away; you can make your choice. The 25 quart Icey Tek is sufficient for a single person or maybe a couple but for a group or family the ideal size would be a 270 quart.

All Kinds Of Accessories Can Be Purchased To Make The Cooler More Useful

An advantage of buying a 25 quart cooler with a seat cushion is that you can use that cushion to sit on just in case you want to rest for a bit. It is a padded seat and it is very comfortable especially if you have to sit around a camp-fire or on a rock or stone on the way side. These cushions are available for different sized chests. It is also possible to add accessories to your Icey Tek cooler like a locking system or reusable gel packs. You can order for attachable lights which are very useful especially when out camping in the woods where there is no light. All this and more can be ordered online.

Parts Available For All Models

When you have owned a 270 quart cooler for a long time it may have surely accompanied your family on many camps and picnics. Over a period of time there will surely be some wear and tear. It is not necessary for the entire chest to be replaced instead it is possible to replace the part that has given way. Handles, drains, plugs are all parts that are easily available and once replaced the cooler will be as good as new. These parts are available for every model produced including the 120 quart size.

A Lot Of Care And Thought Goes Into The Design Of Coolers

There are so many different colors of coolers to choose from and you can choose one in your favorite color. Whether the cooler is as small as a 25 quart, or the biggest one; only the best quality material is made in its manufacture. The food grade polyethylene that absorbs no odors and is stain free makes sure the contents in the ice box remains cold and fresh. The lid too is fitted with a gasket made of rubber in order to seal in the temperature. The 120 quart cooler has a model that has a divided lid which means to take out just one item the whole lid does not need to be opened.