Good Sample Bartender Cover Letter

A really good sample bartender cover letter can help you get a job! Gone are the good old days when bootlegging was the order of the day and life was exciting and dangerous. Today, those who work in bars don’t often do it because they are alcoholics, most do it because of the opportunity to meet interesting people and take on the role of a therapist. It is amazing how complete strangers will reveal all the sordid details about their messed up life to a bartender. It is as if what is said in the bar remains there. Unlike other jobs where you need a PhD, being a bar tender will likely require mother than a university degree. Some people think it is all about pouring drinks and collecting the money. There are others who want to be a bartender after watching Tom Cruise in the film Cocktails. If you are an aspiring bartender, don’t go thinking that you will get a job just because you can flip whiskey bottles in the air and won’t make a splash. It is more important to have solid knowledge of cocktail mixture aka drink recipes and serving techniques that will separate the boys from the men.

Before you begin writing your sample bartender cover letter, you will do well to get some experience under your belt. If you are often the bartender when you have a party with your friends or at someone’s wedding reception, you can put that into your letter. You need to show to your potential employers that you have what it takes to deal with the technical and the communicative side of being a bartender.

Sample bartender cover letter: What your letter should contain

Why do you want to be a bartender?

What experience do you have working as a bartender? (anything formal or informal experience can be stated)

What are your specialties? (drink recipes or cocktail recipes)

Are you any good at flair bar tendering? This is not needed but can be a little help

How will your experience improve business for the employer?

The questions above will allow you to quickly write your cover letter but will also help in the case you want to walk into a bar and ask for vacancies.

Sample with the aid of the questions above will look like this:

I am interested in the position of bartender advertised at…

I have gained valuable experience working at….. and I have a list of my owned drink recipes that will help me become quickly operational. I have a lively but discreet personality that will make me an ideal person for the available position.

I am immediately available for interviews and I can provide good reference from previous employers.

Yours sincerely


Hopefully you can put this sample bartender cover letter to good use and get a job.