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The Internet has changed our way of life dramatically. It helps to eliminate the boundaries created by distance that we can do so many activities including work, social interactions, purchasing things, and looking for sources of information without having to travel miles away from home. The same thing happens to auto insurance, meaning providers and customers can connect and do all the necessary procedures even without seeing each other in the same place. Good to Go Auto Insurance is one of the companies to implements such technology advancement in its business.

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In the past, people have to make phone calls to agents or companies to ask many questions about insurance, discounts, policies, and still have to visit branch offices or meet an agent to ask or retrieve quotes. Unlike old-fashioned insurance companies that require you to make appointments in case you need assistance, the company’s official website allows you to ask for quote, manage your policy and even file claims directly without any necessity to make appointments with agents. Once the quotes are ready, it is even possible to get it delivered to your address; all that it takes is your last name, quote number, and zip code. It makes sure that the quotes will be delivered to the right address.

Besides Good to Go Auto Insurance, another company that uses the same method to maintain good communication with customers is Go Auto Insurance. Both sound the same but they are run by different people. They have similar methods to provide their services to customers by making use of the Internet. Go Auto Insurance is a family-oriented company, but the way they provide insurance is actually like most of the major ones. On the homepage of the official website, customers see four big buttons for login portal, payment, asking for quotes, and reposting claim. Everything is arranged in straightforward design to minimize confusions. Existing customers simply need to login, while potential customers can ask for quotes directly from the homepage.

The main purpose of using Internet as a way of conducting business is to make everything easier and faster for both insurer and customer. Policyholders do not need confusing navigation in the website to access all functions; Go Auto Insurance and Good to Go Auto Insurance set good examples of how to layout all links in comprehensive and straightforward ways in order to create customer-friendly page. The possibility to access insurance providers via Internet makes it easier for all their customers to ask for assistance, file reports, and also make payment without time-consuming procedures. This makes the business runs efficiently and customers can see any change in the company’s policies immediately.

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