Google: Android M is Marshmallow

Android phone-380008_1280Marshmallow is the nickname of the new Android-major version. Google has released the third preview of Android M, while also revealing the version number. It comes as Android 6.0 on the market.

The speculation is over: Google has announced the version number and the nickname of the upcoming Android-major version. The next version will be called 6.0 aka Marshmallow Android. Until now, only the first letter known. The reason for the announcement of the full name is the release of the third beta version of Android M.

The Android-major versions carry a nickname always the names of desserts. For some time now Google makes a joke of it, to keep the corresponding names secret as long as possible. Since the desserts are strictly selected according to alphabet, the first letter is always known. So after Marshmallow an Android-N version will appear.

With a version jump from 5.1 to 6.0 makes Google clear that changes with marshmallow much on the mobile operating system. Google has been release versions of Android M looked at in detail and found a lot of what is changing for the user. Google itself did not respond to the many improvements in its announcements. With Android 6.0 Google introduces a modified home screen with completely redesigned app launcher. But the widgets index has been greatly expanded and there are many more configuration options for users – some has also been well hidden.

Is extensively revised in Android 6.0 rights management apps, the user has much more influence on it. With the third preview of Android 6.0 aka Marshmallow revised the interface for the newly launched App-rights management again fundamentally. But may not offer the third preview even more innovations to the Google itself not received.

Android 6.0 SDK is readysmartphone-325479_1280Parallel with Android 6.0 and the appropriate software development kit (SDK) has been released for and app developers can immediately adjust apps in the Play Store that support the current Android version. Mainly due to the altered rights management calls Google the developers adapt their apps accordingly.

Like the previous previews, there will be the current version only for smartphones Nexus 5 and 6, for the Tablet Nexus 9 and for the set-top box Nexus Player. The update is to be distributed wirelessly shortly when the second preview is already installed. For the popular tablet Nexus 7-series, there is still not the prerelease. Who does not want to wait for the distribution of wireless updates, may have recourse to the factory image.

Android 6.0 comes in autumn

Google has mentioned no new timetable for the next major version of Android. In the fall of 2015 Android 6.0 is also known as Marshmallow appear. Presumably it will add parallel, a new Nexus device. Which is nexus models appearing Android 6.0, is not yet known.