Google Drive Vs Sky Drive

The wait finally ended and Google launched its much-anticipated Google Drive cloud storage service. Released in April, the service integrates Dropbox-like synching features for the PC platform that used the Big G’s Google Docs service. Microsoft, on the other hand, launched an excellent update for its SkyDrive service – and has been liked by many.

In a nut shell features of Google Drive and Sky Drive have been listed

Google Drive

  • Comes with free space of: 5GB
  • Premium space of 100GB can be purchased for $59.88 a year
  • File size limit: 10GB
  • Platforms it supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Microsoft SkyDrive

  • Comes with free space of 7GB
  • Premium space of 100GB can be purchased for $50 a year
  • File size limit: 2GB
  • Platforms it supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Both the services offer umpteen benefits to users. However, the million dollar question of which one of the two is better is unanswered so let’s find out!


Both the manufacturers seem to have done their homework before launching their respective services – the GDrive for PC clients and the SkyDrive for Mac clients. While the Dropbox of both the apps look like just another folder on your device, it’s something that effortlessly syncs with the cloud storage. The synched folders can be found in the Windows Explorer’s Favorites sidebar, so it’s quick and easy to access.

When it comes to the interface, both the services have simple, user-friendly interfaces that is capable of delivering all the required information without making you search for too long. However, SkyDrive’s colorful look is something that seems to lack in the Google Drive, albeit it’s a matter of personal choice.


SkyDrive offers a generous storage capacity of about 7GB, which is much more when compared to the 5GB storage space offered by the Gdrive. Plus, SkyDrive users also have the flexible option of upgrading to the 25GB storage scheme. The upgrade options with SkyDrive are much affordable compared to what Google Drive offers. The 100GB storage feature is more than handy for 16 terabytes which is priced at $800 per month. In our opinion SkyDrive is much better option than Google Drive when taking into consideration storage and pricing.

Platform Support

If you are a frequent traveler and are looking for remote access, then SkyDrive is the best bet. Both services render support for Windows and Mac users. However,SkyDrive gives you easy access from various iOS and Windows mobile phone apps whereas Google Drive supports only Android apps.

So, SkyDrive seems to be a great option for people who are on the lookout for remote access to personal data.

After reviewing the features and benefits of the two in our opinion SkyDrive is a better option.