Google Fiber

Google has now annouced that they will be testing there own fiber line for internet sevice and this has a lot of ISP up in arms because they dont exactly know what Google has up thier sleeves and if Google will try and be the only ISP.

Right now there is an inviation from Google to the state of Kansas City to test their fiber line in the state, Warner Cable isn’t thrilled about the idea I guess they have flyers up in the headquarters saying if you know anything about Google Fiber please let us know, so it looks like they will be walking in the dark as Google tests there Fiber wire.

I think this is a great more for Google, its be long enough for them not to try to be an internet provider and, spokes people for Google say they are going to try and keep the price low. That’s why they have a Google invite out in Kansas City to test out their lines. We will probably hear something soon about the price and the service of Google Fiber in other states fairly soon.

Watch out companies like Comcast and Time Warener Cable, I think Google will have something a lot better for the future and if they come to market you might either see internet prices fall with Comcast and other competitors, or see people just using Google Fiber.

Don’t you wish that Google would have picked your state to test out there project and if you live in Kansas City you are lucky, lets just hope it works for the consumers sake, because I hate the big bill consumers get from Comcast, its not far to have to pay $129 a month for just TV and the internet.

But Google has something up their sleeves like they always do but lets also hope they can pull this project out to help the people with the big internet bill we need a break and Google is the internet superhero.

Do you think that Google will have Google Fiber up and running soon? I mean if they are testing it out in Kansas City it has to be close right, well we can only wait and see. The release date is July 26th in Kansas City.