Google Maps 6.0 for Android

Where am I? What is around me? And how do I get there? Google Maps to these questions has always an answer. With the latest update to version 6.0 hear the wisdom of the navigation service now no longer before reaching the target, but continues even within buildings. Because with the latest update, Google is building the navigation.

The feature is intended for public buildings, airports, shopping malls, department stores and so on – where you can easily get lost just once. Who will have to search the nearest toilet or a coffee shop, want to eat a bite or his boarding gate will not, must not ask more then, but simply pulls out the Android smartphone and wins the plan of the building on the display – and reached the toilet or his plane in the ideal case, nor in time.

Zooms to approach to a listed building, is showing its detailed building plan, including stories and points of interest. A small blue dot shows in buildings where you currently are accurate. Fingertip on a ledge on the right side of the screen Android users can then switch between the different levels and forth. Does the smartphone from an owner of the building stock in the next, Google Maps, but also automatically changes the view. In addition, even Google’s service Latitude in harmony with the building and navigation display, for example, whether friends are just in the restaurant or in the duty-free shop on the airport grounds.

So far, unfortunately, only a few selected buildings in the U.S. and Japan are kartographisiert. However, the search engine provider assures that follow in the future, many buildings and also encourages business owners and the Android community to upload even plans of buildings and enter. Who wants to try the new building navigation, found at the following link is a list of all currently listed buildings. Otherwise there is a online demonstration and the following two videos a foretaste.

Besides the introduction of the building-navigation – the clear highlight of the sixth version – the latest update brings even with three other minor improvements. Try, now on the card icon next to the search bar brings up a menu where all the important functions are faster maps on hand. In addition, the category gets a new look and Places delivers depending on where you currently are, popular and frequently used search terms. Finally, Google has built an option that prevents the screen brightness dims automatically during navigation.