Google Televisions

Have you heard of Google television yet? It’s the search engine giant’s newest high-tech offering and it’s poised to take the world of communication and entertainment by storm this 2011 holiday season. Google television seeks to combine the searchability and interactivity of the web with the crystal clear eye candy of the traditional television viewing experience.

Have you ever been sitting at home watching television and wished that you could sneak a peak at your inbox to see if that special someone wrote you back yet? Or maybe you want to pull up a recipe in the background while watching your favorite sports game. Google television was designed specifically to make all of this and more possible to the average television viewer.

Google television will feature a homepage that each user can customize to their unique liking: you can pin your favorite internet channels, movie streams, chat programs, and websites to your television’s homepage and access your favorites in an instant. Google television will also feature the same all-powerful searching functionality that made its search engine the globally dominant force it is today. Google television users will be able to search across their internet channels for a specific episode they wish to see, or browse the web as if from a desktop computer in order to pull up weather info, flight information, the newspaper, or whatever else strikes their fancy at that moment.

Google television will also sport advanced and exciting features like the ability of certain cell phone users to control the action onscreen using their phone. You can change channels via your voice!

Meanwhile, as google television becomes increasingly popular, google is set to open its design up more and more to developers just as they did with their android telephones. This will mean that google television users will be able to choose from a plethora of exciting apps and games just like smartphone users!