Government Assistance Programs Food for Unemployed

Government assistance programs food is available to you during times of unemployment. If you’ve worked for years and had taxes taken from your check, you’ve paid for it. Getting government assistance to get food for your family is literally your tax dollars at work. One school of thought about this is what’s become government assistance with food, housing, etc. is the work of the Christian church. The Christian church has a mandate to care for it’s own but not everyone chooses to be a part of the Christian church so the government ends up taxing people in order to help the poor and needy. This is your tax dollars at work so take advantage of it in a time of need.

Using government assistance to get food can be a time consuming process so you have to apply with the proper agency as soon as possible. We all know about the government bureaucracy and red tape that makes government seem to move at a snails pace or to appear grid-locked. So the sooner you follow through the sooner you get an answer. You don’t want to run the risk of the agency running out of funds before you can get signed up to receive government assistance getting food.

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I remember when I was a young boy my mother brought home cheese, bread, milk, and other foodstuffs that she got through government assistance programs that were available to all regardless of income level. This food helped sustain our family through some difficult times. For many it’s been the norm to have more than one job just to be in position to rob Peter to pay Paul. If one person in a family like this loses their job, their unemployment can throw the family into a tailspin. Having government assistance to get food can be like glue that helps hold a family together when one or more persons in the home becomes unemployed.

No responsible, capable person wants to be on government assistance but there comes a time in all of our lives when we have to do what we have to do. I’m not telling you to become dependent on the government as a way of life but instead I’m saying take advantage of any help you can get until you get through a period of unemployment. Pride pudding, as one of my friends’ calls it, taste awful but it can be very filling. So swallow your pride and get the food you need through local government assistance program.