News Government Internships for Teenagers: Why Opt for One?

Government Internships for Teenagers: Why Opt for One?


Government Internships for Teenagers: Why Opt for One?

Taking government internships for teenagers have numerous perks. A student can take this opportunity to carefully consider their career options. Furthermore, shifting from a student’s life to a working adult’s hectic schedule is not done overnight. By applying for an internship whether compensated or not, one can slowly cope and adapt to these changes. By the time a teenager finish their college degree, they’ll be ready and responsible enough to work efficiently and handle work-related stress. But, these are not the only benefits one can gain in applying for government internship programs. This article would give you a better view in regards to internships offered by the government.

Government internship programs

Between federal and government internship programs, there is higher chance of acceptance, if you opt for government internships for teenagers. This is because federal internships would require experience including a vigorous training and application process. For that reason, this article would focus on government internship programs alone. With that being said, here are some programs offered to both high school and college students.

  • Congressional Page Program – This government internship programs is applicable for high school students who are 16 years old and above. Here, you are given a chance to become a support staff of the congress. You can apply for a semester or summer internship. Aside from an annual salary that you will receive, you may also have a chance to acquire housing or educational support from the congress.
  • YMCA Youth and Government Program – Middle school and high school students who want to experience government responsibilities at a young age can opt for this program. This is not exactly a job related training program where one would run various errands. Instead, you will be able to vocalize your thoughts and participate in various debates just like actual Senate debates.
  • The White House Internship Program – College students who wants to discover the world of politics is welcome to participate in this program. This internship will not provide you any compensation. Furthermore, housing and transportation allowances would be shouldered by you. Nonetheless, this can be a good training ground for individuals aspiring to become a public servant.

There are other government internships for teenagers that you can opt for. To view the complete list of programs and detailed information, just visit the website

Why opt for government internship programs?

As mentioned earlier, taking internships can be a very good training ground for your future. To expound further, through these internships, one will be able to enhance leadership skills. Aside from that, internships are programmed to hone one’s learning and understanding which would greatly aid in determining one’s potentials. Thus, whether you opt for paid or unpaid internships, the experience itself is already worth the time and effort.

Another benefit you can gain from internships is credentials. Millions of students enroll every year. How would you stand-out from the crowd? One way to build a well-structured college application form is through government internships.

Lastly, one may also take this opportunity to prove worthiness. As mentioned earlier, some programs can financially support one’s education. As you know, screenings for grants, scholarships and loans are meticulously done. With government internships for teenagers, you’re one step closer to receive financial support.

Government Internships for Teenagers: Why Opt for One?
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