Government Internships for Teenagers

Are government internships for teenagers accessible in any part of the world? What are the different job offers for students during school year? Secondary education students are becoming more independent, and with this liberation come financial needs. Mobile phone bills, insurances, college tuition savings, and spending extra money are on the thoughts of high school students all over the country. Regrettably, it isn’t easy all the time to find work for these students because these young adults want a job that offers a well-balanced atmosphere between school, work, friends and extracurricular activities. In the following article, we will tackle several ideas to help high school pupils find the model job.

Different Jobs for High School Students

It Is quite impossible for teenage students to take a full-time job during school year, but a part-time job will always be considerable. A 10-20 hours a week job is most fitting for part-time working high school students. Weekend jobs are the best ones during the school year because it won’t require working too late at night because assignments are more important above all for students. You will also prefer an employer who can provide you the flexibility desirable to accommodate your extracurricular activities. Finding the right job for you is where the guidance counselor comes in and may offer help. Most jobs for internships are hourly positions especially in the service industry. But there is what they also call government internships for teenagers. Now, how can one find a suitable internship in the government?


An internship, whether paid or unpaid, is a great way to discover different careers in a company. Below are sectors in finding opportunities in internships especially in the government:

1. Law Enforcement – teenagers 14 and above who have completed 8th grade or 15 year old and above youngsters may learn law enforcement in some cities in the US.

2. National Youth Congress (Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department) – youngsters can learn about different careers in the area of parks and leisure under County employee’s guidance.

Work for Teenagers?

The Senate Page Program is one of several government internships for teenagers. There are even websites where a teenager can scoop into for possibilities in the world of government internships and other programs. As early as 16 years of age, it is not impossible for teenagers nowadays to reach their goals and dreams even in their own little ways.

Well, here are a number of pointers for finding work experience during promising teenage years:

1. Avoid programs that stipulate “for college credit.” This is never flexible. Most internships fall into unpaid credit, and would then violate labor laws.

2. Consider government internships for teenagers. Numerous federal and government bureaus and agencies run internship platforms that are open to fresher applicants, like the Undergraduate Scholarship Program of the CIA and the Congressional Page Program. These programs usually choose students during the school year so they don’t have to work for summer.

3. Hunt for internship programs. Try comprising the word “program” in your web searches. Recognized, regulated and established internship programs may be more comfy with accepting newer applicants than firms who never took on an intern before and are not sure what to assume. In addition to the government internship for teenagers’ programs, some famous employers like Microsoft offer internships. The Rochester Institute of Technology has also accumulated a list of internship programs for high school students interested in the science and medical fields.

4. Think homegrown. If you are interested in radio and television jobs, try dropping by your local news radio station or community admission channel. Even if they do not have formal internships, they your help especially when your passion is about their medium and that you are willing to set in hours after school. If you’re a technology driven individual, try the message boards, see any startups in your area that require help. If you like to write, try the local newsstand periodicals and reach an editor. When you look autonomously, never forget to ask if who could use your help or where you would love to work in.

Federal Government Careers

If you want to be a politician, policy-maker, or a lawyer, an administration internship job probably is for you! There is no limit in what one can learn as a government intern due to many forms of congress, government, city council, assembly and the like. Aside from the inner arena of political offices, offices in the government who deal with medicine, environment, education, including the military usually offer streams of government opportunities especially government internships for high school student.

Offers of so many sorts of internships are one of the very beneficial things in the government. There are spots for engineers, teachers and researchers even. Government internships don’t need to be for those who live in Washington DC only, but it is best for those who are seriously pursuing a career in the federal department. Though government internships for students may somehow lead to become a few stages away from the best influential people in the US, one of the most coveted internship is the White House Internship.

Another preference for teenagers is to apply at a state department. The senate and the assembly, under state level, normally accept trainees or interns. This however would require applicant to live near or in the state capital. If you only choose the local area, city government internships is advisable. For interns to find something that will help them in their career of interest, most cities have internship programs that put students at several city agencies. Internship employment may be anywhere from Sanitation Department to Mayor’s Office. In smaller towns and minor cities, opportunities become limited in the local government. Nonetheless, internship gives access for students to the members of local government.


Whether or not a student acquires salary for internship is maybe the most commonly asked by college students who look for government internship for teenagers. After all, have we not been told to certainly not work for free? But internships are slightly different, and entrails a diverse set of rules than regular employment, and a positive internship frequently has nothing to do with the option of being paid or not. Whatever the outcome is, government internships for teenagers is the right choice in making a brighter future for teenagers.