GPS Vehicle Tracking and Messaging

Auto tracking system puts together the installation of certain electronic gadgets into a vehicle and the GPS vehicle tracking and messaging systems are the same. The acronym GPS refers to Global Positioning System, a navigation system controlled through satellite, consists of a twenty four orbiting network of satellites that is positioned 11,000 nautical miles into space. The design of global positioning system is similar in part to the ground based navigation system of radio. Every GPS satellite broadcasts a navigation message continuously at a very high rate. Each one of the completed messages is composed of frames.

The GPS vehicle tracking and messaging system is installed into a motor vehicle or a fleet of vehicles with designed computer software designed to purposely track the location of the vehicle. The tracking messages are received by at least one base and it enables the owner or tracker to know the location of the vehicle. Other information and data are collected using this software and gathered o the base of the operation. The information is valuable and can also be manipulated to give a clear report on activities of the vehicle. Many auto vehicles in the world today use the common GPS tracking system technology but there are other types of automated technologies for vehicle location and tracking that are in use.

Uses of GPS Vehicle Tracking and Messaging Systems

Vehicle tracking devices and systems are mostly used to get fleet tracking information, dispatch and routing information as well as on-board and security information. They are used by fleet operators and owners of big fleet of vehicles as well as urban transit agencies and other commercial vehicle operators. They also use the systems to monitor schedule adherence in buses. Also, they are used to trigger changes of destinations of buses as well as change display signs in busses and vehicles. They also trigger pre-recorded messages and announcements for information to passengers.

It is estimated that the American Public Transportation Association at the start of 2009, had half of transit buses in the US with GPS based tracking systems to activate stop announcements that were automatically done.

GPS vehicle tracking and messaging systems are also very popular for prevention of theft in customer vehicles. They also help retrieve devices. Police use them to follow their signals which are sent out by the tracing device and system and hence locate the stolen automotive. When the system is used as a GPS vehicle tracking and messaging system, it may augment an existing traditional car alarm or it may replace it completely.

Other Scenarios of Use

GPS vehicle tracking and messaging systems can also be used as a field service management system. Companies that have a workforce in the field such as maintenance and repair services have to monitor and plan their field worker’s working times. Field sales are another activity that utilizes GPS for vehicle tracking. Sales professions who are in the field – more so in unfamiliar areas – may track their locations as well as their client’s locations for easy communication.

GPS tracking systems for vehicles is one of the technological advancement today that is most appreciated by drivers who are located anywhere in the world. GPS vehicle tracking and messaging systems help direct traffic especially in the public transportation area.