Grab the best jobs and make a bright career in Technology

untitledTechnology has touched every nook and corner of our lives. From connecting to assimilation to time consumption and wasting as well, technology makes it all possible. Technology is always evolving and it is one of the career options that see a heavy footfall of professionals. Information technology or IT is a popular career choice among the students. The fascinating world of programming to the design and construction of the various hardware parts have attracted the bright minds. The glamor quotient associated with this career choice is also endearing for many. Working in a plush office space, meeting clients from all over the world, getting posted in the foreign lands and above all the hefty pay scale is what makes the life of an IT specialist so attractive.

Here are the few of the career options that you can go for once you decide to make a competitive career in IT:

  1. Systems Analyst: To make a robust career in this role, you need to have a sound knowledge of both design and analysis. The experts in this role are responsible for offering business solutions using the concepts of Information Technology. They need to acquire and excel in hardware, networking and software skills. They are also good in consulting when it comes to suggesting the organization which software to use for a specific operation. This position particularly has seen considerable growth over the past few years and has good future prospects.
  2. Software Developer: Another vital job role that is raging in the IT sector is that of a software developer. The role of a software developer is versatile. Starting from the quirky apps on your smartphones to developing code for particular software, the individual does it all. So all those obsession with the numerous apps is due to the unique skills possessed by your software developer. Therefore, there are two types of developers- the one who develops the high-end applications and the other ones are the system focused ones who work on the operating systems.
  3. Web Developers: They are the professionals who create the face of your online business, your website. They program, design, decides the fonts and layouts and set up the user-interface. This role in great demand now.
  4. Security Analyst: The dependency on technology is growing by the day as all our essential work including monetary transaction is done through computers. Hence, a specialist who establishes and looks after the security in the system’s network. They are also responsible for preventing any breach of security occurring in a particular event.
  5. IT Manager: This individual is in charge of the IT Department of an organization. Supervising the work of his subordinates to handling escalations, this person does it all to improve the IT functioning of the organization.
  6. Systems Administrator: The primary responsibility for this expert is to make sure that the system is performing and maintaining a good uptime. The individual looks after the configuration of the system. They meet customer requirements at the specified budget.
  7. Programmer: The main task of these IT experts is to manage and maintain the programming part. Code rewriting, debugging to testing of software comes under the purview of their responsibilities. They can specialize in one area of programming or can code for multiple software.
  8. UX Designer: These experts are responsible for developing the interactive platform between the user and the system so that the product or services ae perceived well by the user. This is a fastest growing profession for the techies these days.
  9. Database Administrator: Their job revolves around the database and the operations that involve databases. Starting from installing, configuring, monitoring, upgrading to maintaining the security of the databases are their principle task. They play an integral part of the IT Department in the organization.
  10. IT Support Specialist: It might be one of the least paying techie positions in an organization; however, it is imperative to the proper functioning of the systems. These specialists look after the basic maintenance of the hardware and software. They detect and troubleshoot various issues related to computer hardware and software. This is good entry level position in an organization.

Therefore, Information technology branches out to several job roles depending on the skills of the aspirants fulfilling the requirements of a business. Whether you are applying for a computer operator job or in any of the IT related fields, you need to have specialized training and skills for each specific role. This professional orb holds good future prospects for your career with the right blend of knowledge and determination.

Author’s Bio: Agniva Banerjee is a writer by profession. She likes curating informative articles and blogs on diverse areas that provide a good read. She loves engaging the readers through her words and welcomes feedback of all sorts. Connect to her on Twitter @Agniva_B