Grabber Tools Let You Extend Your Reach

Grabber tools let you extend your reach whether you’re confined to a bed or chair or your only disability is being short, like me. This photo shows me picking up a fork with my grabber!


What is a Grabber Tool?

In case you’re not sure what grabber tools are, they’re long-handled gadgets with a pincher-type end for picking up things. I have one and have used it to reach things on high shelves, and with the help of a step ladder, I’ve even retrieved things from the roof!

Some other names for grabber tools follow:

  • nabber
  • pick up tool
  • gripper
  • grabber
  • reacher
  • pick up gripper
  • reaching tool
  • gopher

What Are Reachers Used For?

Elderly people often use grabbers to reach things out of arms’ length and to pick things up off the floor that they’ve dropped. The possibilities are endless, but the bottom line is these nifty gadgets help people be more independent.

Not all grabbers are created equal. Some of the grabbers available out there even have magnetic tips. The magnets attract objects that contain iron. This makes picking up dropped items like silverware or safety pins, for instance, much easier. Other pick-up tools have suction cups on the ends for better gripping of certain items like paper that tend to lie flat and are more difficult to pick up with the grabbers that have hard plastic ends.

What Can a Pick Up Tool Pick Up?

Here are just a few things happy users of these back-saving gadgets have reported being able to pick up with their pick-up tool:  pennies, toothpicks, nuts, paper plates, portable heaters, balls, blankets, full cans of soda, paper clips, even a grain of rice!

The ability to manipulate the handle is easy enough for most people and may even help with dexterity. If they want to see what they can pick up, the challenge might be a great exercise for eye hand coordination.

One thing many users commented on was the importance of having several grabbers around the house and having certain grabber tools for certain tasks. If you know someone who is just short or someone who can’t bend over due to surgery or other disability, a grabber might be a lifeline they’ll come to appreciate!